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White-collar autumn winter buys 3 kinds of jacket surely

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After spending the mad Ji Mo August to sweep money, each big market, brand shop went up in succession autumn new money, the parvenu that we also want to be him almirah of course prepares room. The indispensable shirt when going to work, small coat, long dust coat, your 2007 new look whether very attract?

Most IN: Stays of? of accept of city simian こ or chatelaine)

Crossed the waist in waist of “ of a few season to enrage the day of ” , after wanting to be less than Qiu Zhi, necessary shirt series remained the office not to take off implication with “ waist ” .

The shop in bazaar is visible, the length of long shirt is close to commonly or exceed hip, also relatively before a bit wide, with last this year fervent “ is big agitation of profile of a ” happens to have the same view. Additional, those who grew a shirt to break a tradition on the style is drab, blend in the fashionable element such as bud silk, bowknot to the design of design, plus Leng Yan tonal, it is to enter undoubtedly autumn the most self-confident expression of professional female.

The collocation of long shirt basically has two kinds, one kind is as tie-in as trousers or skirt, conceal the role side the shirt inside trousers or skirt. This kind of collocation highlighted the professional figure with OL spell able self-confidence. Another kind is as tie-in as tight pants or socks pants, show long shirt completely come out. This kind of collocation suits temperamental and melting young white-collar especially. And between the waist that goes out obi, besides reveal you to be proud small pretty waist of the person, the office that still can let you leads instantaneous promotion later.

   Most 100 become conservative: Individual character grows next short ” on coat VS“

Although the shirt changes height money, dan Chuqiu's coat or follow the style before, more and more delicate, already joker spell able. Small coat of be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers is classical anthology, it can let a waist not only move on the line, build a slender body body, outside making short inside grow this one sheet to taste vogue to get be carryinged on best. Each are big the brand is in today autumn the short coat that roll out mostly the fabrics of hale and hearty of draw materials quality of a material, be like canvas, makings, strong even leather. These fabrics make short coat looks more handsome. Nevertheless, the female's element was not ignored, stylist people what show natural and graceful slightly is the round actor with fine chatelaine, handsome have the aid of, turndown and the craft such as inwrought, hammer bead, deduce at detail place handsome the gentle and lovely of female outfit, suit astute and spell able duty field female especially.

Next short ” grow on the “ that big heat wears a law is a model, the upper part of the body is shirt lengthen vest, the private parts is 5 minutes of knickers, looking to still do not know suddenly is what season, but this kind of typical fashionable group wears a law, suit autumn day very however. Weather a little a bit cooler, wear a pair of boot, the word of to be warm changes large base high-heeled shoes, go up personally it is OK still to deserve to act the role of alternate constantly, the bag bag on the hand is with the mood as you commutation of course.
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