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Check woman makes elementary mistake easily

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You think you made these sacrifice, concession, can change him, perhaps get him. Be wrong! Be wrong! Be wrong! See these females be below condition of concealed give the heart to, what often make is wrong, you know, sacrificial ego can not help sb to fulfill his wishes certainly absolutely other. Do you still replace his consider only? Wake wake!

1, had a child to be able to be covered prison he

Not be every man wants to become of old father, calculate his keep on saying to say he wants a child more. After too much second wife, 3 grandmas give birth to a child, still should not go up big wife, more miserable is to connect solatium to get his to get together, and even at going up judicial check DNA, hit close child appraisal lawsuit. Passed a job that accepts era to finish, you are promote became a woman right, he but not likely is willing to become dad ah.

2, did not have a child to also can be covered prison he

Good, think in your heart, man love is tasteful, be fed up with a child, so it is good to do not give birth to a child according to his apiration. The fact is, no matter you give birth to not unripe child, no matter how always follow sb's advice, he does not have interest to you namely: 妳 just is in blind busy.

3, open an eye to shut an eye to do not have a thing

You know he is tasteful by nature, man, join in the fun on occasion is perfectly justified originally, then you call calm attention, everybody crosses each each, anyway 妳 is big wife, and the man plays play total meeting to turn round. The thing is so right, but you are not Li Ying love, dry act grow firm and indomitably greatly today?

4, the solemn pledge of love eats when the meal

He says he loves you, “ does not love country to love your ” only, even if with whole world oppose also will not grudge. This touched …… at one's convenience too really everybody can be moved. Regrettablly, he is not lukewarm Sha duke, so he says do not calculate a solemn pledge of love, cannot take seriously more, you take the solemn pledge of love when the meal is stupit more.

5, loafer also can have true feeling

You meet an inapproachable handsome young man, no matter how handsome, perfect, tender, amorous, he is considerate,…… has sundry Bai Ma's princely requirement, you still forgot: Loafer is loafer, it is nature only very to yours, true love of and rather than. Then you go down with respect to such defect, the person that cannot punish finally is you of course.

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