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Mood of fashionable white-collar caution suffers heatstroke

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The mood of many Peking Man also follows the sauna angel that counts day continuously “ heatstroke ” , originally the bagatelle of trifles also was become quarrel bickered fuse. What just go is double cease in day, because the mood is irritating,the citizen that will to Beijing mental hygiene seek advice from a service center has many 30, than increasing at ordinary times 1/3.

“ yesterday a day, I quarrelled 3. It is first follow market jockey administrator, it is to follow the small small retailer that sells a thing then, finally is with my husband. Alas, it is some of small business actually, but this weather heats up me to rise easily urgent, the mood accuses oneself hard. ” king lady says helplessly to seeking advice from division.

Beijing mental hygiene seeks advice from a service center to seek advice from Shi Cai to build new analysis, climate of damp and hot cites difficulty of sweat of send a manuscript to the compositor easily, bring about human body endocrinopathy thereby, and high temperature makes elevatory, heartbeat quickens people blood pressure again, a series of this physiology change create people mood extremely easily nervous, angst and irritating, this is the “ mood that big the daily life of a family says sweltering ” .

Be aimed at ” of “ mood heatstroke, the expert suggests people should undertake ego adjustment actively more in sauna day, do a few motion to promote a sweat more, the much water that drink salt balances airframe, usable also the kind that hears light music is slow mood, or the discomfort that chooses to pour out a heart to close friends. But if appear long distracted, mood is low, must go advisory orgnaization of professional medical treatment or psychology accepts psychotherapy, with untangle undesirable mood.

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