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Duty field white-collar recommends way of perfume thin body

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Reduce weight true to a lot of females it is an onerous project, take medicine be afraid of have side effect, fitness does not hold to again, fast Is am sorry really oneself greedy bug, so, there is a wonderful idea now, make you simple have a gentle and graceful figure, this uses the function of perfume namely, let him “ thin ” come down.

   Project of perfume thin body

Scent learns the home and psychologist to pass long research, think consistently quite: Perfume can purify air not only, make popular feeling free from worries magical happy, be inspired with enthusiasm, and can arouse memory, promotional associate. Fragrant air of green fragrant air or neuter flavour, the natural fragrance that waits like green grass, moss, smell let a person have a kind of relaxed feeling, the figure of a kind of dainty can appear in brain, and have nothing to do the other side grows whether slightly. And smell when you aldehyde air is fragrant model, spend sweetly like full-bodied Qing Dynasty sweet, contain sweet the fruit is sweet etc, there often can be a feeling in brain. Wood is sweet model (silvan air is fragrant model) can let a person have a figure relative to taller impression. Faint scent, wait like lavender, clove, China pink, have spring the aroma of the burgeon greenery of Gang Meng bud and green grass, can give a person with younger sensation. The fruit such as orange of citric, orange, pineapple is sweet model, can give a person the sense with opposite maturity. Muskiness and animal air are fragrant model have a variety of main body sweet smell, meet a person feel with what fluctuate more. Fly butterfly sweet model —— by send out the flavor such as balmy insect, plant mixes and become, have the feeling of unrestrained and far -ranging.

At the same time investigator returns discovery: The system that everybody still has him is popular, identical or the human body of likeness figure and bodily form is sweet the place that often also has certain likeness. Consequently, will choose corresponding perfume according to oneself bodily form, the figure that lets oneself is relaxed and satisfied, tell you this good method, should thank me?

  Method of bath thin body

Go up a little while in the bubble in reeky bath crock, but gastric life is enjoyed greatly, with fat make a fight you, must grasp this thin body good opportunity well.

  Bath of healthy green tea

Green tea is the vanward army of thin body army group, want to be less than!

1, has drunk green tea broken bits (3 quantity) or has drunk tea wraps 3-5, with gauze the bag removes;

2, put bag bath can be entered in bathing water, make an appointment with bubble 20 minutes.

Effect: Eliminate exhaustion, quicken body blood to be mixed circularly adipose use up, hold a beautiful white effect concurrently.

Attention: Do not use tea of of the previous night
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