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The white-collar finishs 3 things to pay off healthy debt

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You can be arranged freely food, motion and rest, before a such healthy holiday begin you still need to complete 3 works.

  1. Seek advice from professional personage

Wait for professional personage to seek advice to coach of nutrient division, fitness, let them help you devise an all-around healthy action plan.

   Schedule of 2. formulate work and rest

Motion how many, Morpheus how many, link oneself circumstance and professional personage proposal, an OK and long-term importunate plans formulate.

  3. Formulate science cookbook

The healthy diet criterion that the time that spend a dot teachs you nutrient division is added opportunely use, consider a few nutrition are rich taste again delicious simple dish, after staying, be enjoyed slowly.

Debtor: White-collar

Graceful graceful manager of 28 years old of business

Forever busy the job that is not over, complex human relation, face the life, graceful graceful the very tired ” that the deepest feeling is “ work. Morpheus is not worth badly, 3 eat are errant, not only the heart is tired, the body is tired out also and lack of power.

Best doctor is yourself

Director of division of some hospital nutrition

Everybody the health of the body, depend on the habits and customs of individual health, and all these is decided by yourself. Open 4 prescription to busy white-collar: It is to want to sleep early, 2 it is to walk more, 3 it is preserve one's health wants make use of every bit of time or space, 4 it is to want make fun of.

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