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Of Chu Qiu protect Shi Meibai general mobilization

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Relative to Yu Yan summerly beauty is prevented in vain bask in a topic for discussion, arrived Qiu Dong, became protect wet busy season. In bleak life, environmental temperature, humidity is reduced, defend water not easy, make you special experience skin the might of dry ageing. Right, dry the pioneer that is ageing, qiu Gan enrages the season of dry, the mainest beautiful body assignment, it is fight a drought, protect wet!

Overturn body imparity pay

On the face protect Shi Shuang to often change Chang Xin however, body of be a good fit cannot feel, see dry, with respect to ignore? ! If so, his hand glide your skin, want to encounter how great resistance, and he also is met to your disappointment gradually cumulative! Stand to maintain wet sense correctly for body tree, from inside and outside take care of each inches of skin, you need the order below according to:

1 measurable cleanness (the clean articles for use that avoids to use excessive stimulation)

2 enough moisture (resembling is firm the moisture on bathing the back of a person)

3 proper oil are divided (resembling is embellish skin frost, nutrition frost, protect wet latex to wait) a moment.

Protecting wet on, you often can make such mistake, not be overly cleanness, doing the besmear on the skin with harsh uncultivated land to go up namely very alimentary protect skin to taste, flatter oneself was done keep wet job completely. It is actually when Qiu Dong, protect wet relatively simple, do not need to use the clean skin of oily Li Taijiang to taste, and oiliness cent is more protect skin to taste opposite acceptability also, because need not worry fat uncomfortable problem.

—— of fight a drought from bathe begin

In one's childhood, the thing that bathe is monopolized by mom, everything of skin gave mom, slowly, we also from learned to bathe over there mom. Can have thought, perhaps from what learn over there mom be bathing means of 100 minutes?

1 water is warm: Do not use too hot water. Not be heat of Wen Yue saying water, bathe to be taken with respect to Yue Shu? Blunder, too hot water can make the skin more dry, do not let temporarily joy cause longer anguish.

2 bath fluid: Every arrive the autumn, chest is about to be done afresh, protect skin to taste also can follow change garments according to the season. Where is bath fluid? Is what when you pack up summer, use relaxed model bath fluid, change moist model bath fluid?

Choose bath fluid character according to skin

Drying skin: Easy desquamate, the surface has a white bit. Want to use the bath fluid of moist effect, latex, avoid to use the clean things with abluent powerful force.

Be short of skin of ability in swimming: Drier than drying skin, the surface has deeper horizontal grain. Should emphasize besides moist effect outside, notice the bath juice with unwell and operable much bubble even.
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