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Duty field woman 6 big fear

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As career woman, had visited a lot of directors or boss, I also had become an officer, arrange oneself note later, discovery succeeds besides what what general management reminds or live outside the principle, the female needs to compare the man more attention. Should avoid for example the following 6 mistakes:

1, a day of time that has productivity most (in the morning) waste. Late late ability takes the office, next the edge uses the computer or phone, the edge has breakfast (the breakfast) of full evening, talk about the Eight Diagrams with the colleague on corridor again, oh, should eat Chinese food not carefully again to time! ? The problem goes to want to become in some people everybody the good friend of confide in sb, actually the key should want to win esteem to just be opposite in effort.

2, the word is too much, say to keep, look need not cerebral appearance. The director hopes you express an opinion of course, but when also hoping to give you the instruction in him, you have absorption listen to him, grabbing conversation to interrupt he. Say to ponder over beat one's brains to inspire sexual word together with the colleague, can say the Eight Diagrams than be together more cite boss appreciation you.

3, figure is not professional. Common one kind, it is informal to be worn so that the pine breaks down everyday, even is sufficient in the office Ta slipper. Perhaps your yard closes even if can wear casually, if you do not want to let others think you are too smooth,need nevertheless, so, wear trimly endure with all one's might some, the form that wants in the light of you will wear, is not wear according to your present seat.

Additionally one kind of strange about is the edge chews the conversation side chewing gum, give a person very not professional impression, be like oral cavity in if do not bite bit of thing, cannot absorption like. When cannot telling a telephone call especially, return such, the other side thinks you are to discussing important thing, often hear you to be in however break the mouth, can feel indescribable.

4, hedgehog has kind of person weight eye, lower than her to position person order people by gesture, comparative she insinuates exaltedly adulatory. Actually in the company, send and receive from correspondence highest and decision-making, it is company anybody, so, if want to let a boss admire you, want treat equally without discrimination above all, respect your colleague, cannot size eye.

Plant additionally person, defensive heart is too strong, not allow absolutely others points out her be short of break, anybody an an any words, movement, she thinks is to coping with her. And compete the heart is powerful, no matter do what thing, place a state, want to go down others comparing everywhere. In boss eye, the person that cannot be criticized, cannot learn from inside the mistake; Cannot cooperate with others and often want the person that goes down others comparing, cannot become real chief.
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