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Subtle move of decompression of woman of duty field vogue

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Excess load works, not only can give the body to also can bring pressure to psychology. The analysis says experts, the pressure on spirit is too great, often cause all sorts of diseases, perhaps let person nurturance if a few undesirable habits smoke frowsty cigarette, eat and drink too much etc, these circumstances are deadly perhaps, perhaps can evolve into deadly disease. After coming off work, besides read, pour out, TV watchs in the home, go out KTV, unconscious head sleeps greatly, picnicky journey, motion, network chats besides, the path of a few what kind of decompression can we still draw lessons from from abroad?

1, violent decompression

“ carries a small rubber ball, depressed when hold secretly. ” United States discharges care to see difficult service website proposal for male white-collar only.

Carry a tennis, small rubber ball or what be other, when encountering pressure to need drain greatly too, squeeze with respect to on the sly, hold, the neck that wants the fellow worker that compare clutch apparently, in everybody dumbfounded under rip waste paper hysterically, beat a table to be close friends more.

2, food reduce pressure

A newest medicine considers to discover, certain food can reduce pressure effectively. Contain the fish oil of DHA for instance, fish of salmon, white Wei, black Wei fish, chub mackerel fish is his main source.

In addition, selenium element also can significant reduce pressure, tuna and garlic contain a lot ofselenium. Vitamin B is familial medium B2, B5 and B6 also are decompression good helper, eat cereal to be able to complement more.

Working clearance, can come to a cup put coffee on the ice, can well slow the mood.

Of course, if meal bureau dinner party is too much, do not have method to plan well oneself food, perhaps eat too much, also do not install again in abdomen fell, that puts box vitamin in the bag piece or be and so on of piscine liver bolus, complement at any time. Nevertheless experts point out, rely on food or vitamin decompression, must want to perserve, form a habit everyday, effect can see slowly after a month.

3, writing decompression

“ draws up trouble come. Association of psychology of ” United States doubly praise highly composes decompression this kind of means, what is the content of writing? Your pressure experiences, everything of your physiology, mentally is vexed.

Be in early 1988, the United States has a few psychologist to had done a test, lineup member write pressure and vexed; only another group of personnel write daily and easy to read and understand topic only. Every 4 days a cycle, continuously 6 week hind, the lineup before the result member state of mind more active, disease is less.

Writing is the decompression method with a kind of distinct effect, want a pen only a piece of paper goes where OK to execute.

4, Morpheus decompression
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