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Make the life of your premature senility bad be used to

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Female people should learn to maintain, especially a few bad habits meet those who affect you maintain, what can make your appearance anile is earlier.

1, often work overtime, stay up late, dinner party, also arrange carelessly afterwards fill become aware time.

Everyday unwarrantable high grade Morpheus of 8 hours, skin is very easy premature senility is old, present frazzle.

2, stimulant beverage is drunk before sleeping, bring about it is difficult to fall asleep.

The caffein of other person excitement is contained in tea, coffee, coke, before sleep scarcely wants drinkable. A cup of warm milk is drunk before sleeping, it is to had better sleep peacefully drink.

3, like to bending over to sleep.

Bending over to sleep to make facial skin and pillow chafe each other easily extruding, can cause the generation of facial furrow. Best hairdressing sleeps appearance is to admire sleep, can make the skin gets very good breath.

4, the sentiment is intense, often get angry for a bit bagatelle, or often have blue feeling.

The mood can affect each organs of the body directly, not exceptional also to the skin. The society is timely the ground is slow pressure, build relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for oneself.

5, the snack food that likes to eat deepfry salty dirt, eat fresh fruit vegetable rarely.

The vitamin is the bodyguard that assures skin health, great edible is white to the moist beauty of skin very good part.

6, be on a diet overly, reject staple food and the food that contain oil.

Maintain skin moist to cannot leave grease, be on a diet overly to be able to make you look downhearted only.

7, never do exercise, feel that is very troublesome issue.

Carry kinetic energy promotes the metabolism of the body and small loop, eliminate the deposit toxin inside body effectively, make skin cell from inside the coruscate outside arriving is young vigor.

8, carelessly clean skin, wash a face to always get through hastily.

Cleanness is not complete, let skin lie all the time nervous condition, cannot smooth breath, produce the symptom of skin exhaustion very easily.

9, use cosmetic in disorder, take no account of appropriate oneself.

Skin is very captious to cosmetic, do not add choice land chaos to use without a break, can make the skin worse.

10, use a kind to protect skin to taste all the year round.

The skin surroundings that causes as a result of season is different, taste to protecting skin also ought to timely change.

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