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Undergraduate summer vacation time works beware black intermediary

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Nowadays, school of old technical secondary school begins to put summer vacation, many undergraduates want to use summer vacation time to seek a job, can exercise oneself practice ability already, can earn some of pin money to improve the life again. However, intermediary of a few illegal professions often uses this opportunity, take the money of student of illegal means diddle, make many students are deceived. Section of labor of the Fuzhou City is special remind: Undergraduate summer vacation time works should beware ” of “ black intermediary.

According to introducing, normal professional introduction orgnaization must have the professional introduction license that labor department issues, prices branch issues collect fees the business license that licence and door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issue, 3 card ” is short of “ one cannot, and 3 card of “ ” had better be original.

Department of labor of the Fuzhou City reminds, encounter the intermediary orgnaization that meets to collect fee signing up to want caution especially; Cannot find the job to be able to retreat intermediary to expend to acceptance, want to have certify to. Additional, unit of choose and employ persons cannot mortgage with any formal collection cash pledge or risk the unreasonable charge such as gold, cannot sequestered and effective certificate.

Department of labor of the Fuzhou City suggests, the undergraduate should seek the job of summer vacation time that suits his to normal labour market, can wait like the free invite applications for a job that labor department holds. If apply for a job in other intermediary orgnaization, if the other side is not pensile certificate, should let its issue the duty interpose license that labor department issues first.

Finally, department of labor of the Fuzhou City still reminds, most of ” of gold of social security of ”“ of bail of ”“ of cash pledge of so called “ deceives people, to apply for a job encounters this kind to collect fees can inform against to labor department directly.

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