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22 kinds of common estate trade violate compasses act

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Commodity house is opened to booking violate compasses

1. Did not obtain open to booking licence to open to booking commodity house

The expert unscrambles: Consumer can ask to develop an enterprise to show in spot of carry out room open to booking licence, or whether this house property is in in the inquiry on the net can make work condition. Generally speaking, did not obtain the house price that opens to booking licence to meet relatively market price is some lower, but at the same time the risk also should be gotten greatly much, did not obtain the house that open to booking licence and sells to wait for a reason because of exceeding a plan and construction likely, do hard property right card, affect customer thereby relevant rights and interests.

2. With subscribe (include to maintain, register, choose date to wait) , collection books money property cost to wait multiform covert open to booking commodity house

The expert unscrambles: It is in order to book a paragraph exemple, if one person hands in 20 thousand yuan of RMBs alleged book a paragraph, 1000 people are 20 million yuan of RMB surely beforehand, this potential to consumer risk is very big, development company may carry paragraph abscond, bring bigger loss to consumer. subscribe (include to maintain, register, choose date to wait) book money property cost to stand side by side with collection, in showing the provision that building a department, although collection books a paragraph and did not take action of so called subscribe,developing a business also is to violate of compasses, this and average person normally understanding is different. In fact, company of a few development undertakes subscribe to the project before be sold formally, it is to know market level on one hand, be opposite possibly also according to the circumstance of subscribe on the other hand the price of the project undertakes adjustment, if subscribe is hot, price is moved on the likelihood, adverse to consumer.

3. Obtain after opening to booking licence, did not begin to open to booking commodity house inside formulary time

The expert unscrambles: ㄉ gem fights a surname of a surname of large bamboo hat of ⑵ of Suo   > ?0 of Shan of sulphone of the Ben that confuse な wants to sell commodity house in a few days, beijing is built appoint the regulation shortens further, the requirement is house of commodity of the sale inside 3 days, basically be to prevent to develop the enterprise covers dish, store up room.

Ill will acclaims behavior

4. Estate company releases false information

The expert unscrambles: To prohibiting estate company releases false information, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has specific provision. The enterprise releases false information, belong to beguiling behavior to consumer, relatively common state “ arrives country trade ×× minute car Cheng ” .

5. Fry date selling a house
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