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Trap of careful duty field, much make a move is wrong

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You still are defending that to cover old old office lives law: Not lazy, others the thing that evade does not do, I should be received actively come over to do; Do not quarrel with the colleague, with everybody friendly getting along is very important; Want the considerate …… that waits upon 120 minutes to the boss

Defending such established practice hit on on-the-job field those who go all out you, also discover oneself are tiredder and tiredder, however what not likely invited everyone is good, others not only not feel grateful, returned the ability to you and bearing to have veiled word it seems that.

How can be “ done such? You analysed ” a few times, what don't also have fish where to have incorrect? Actually, some things, it is you think it too simply, some things, you think it again complex. There always is so much trap on duty field, much make a move is wrong.

Provoking the overwork of be disgusted with

Herein middle-level is in charge of

Every come in in the company a batch of new personality, can appear such setting: They stay to 89 bits of later even ability to go back in the office everyday, lian Shuangxiu day is not exceptional also. The dining-room in those two days of buildings does not open business, they would rather buy convenient cover to eat. That flavour, going to work till Zhou Yi still is brandish comes loose not to go.

They think, rely on such bilking that behave in the company to be able to get conscientiously promoting to a high office, it is off base actually. I also walk over from new personality, they are in charge the office inside 3 months, I feel pretty is normal; But if still goes back on his word after 1 year in the office, did not have Caiyiyibushede quickly to leave to last bus, I can feel their life too close, and the long sex of the interest that this meeting affects them to work to this directly. Still have, many single employee double cease day also is in the office bubble computer bubble grows a word, the dry work that is not our company however, if such diligent and conscientious is met by chance by boss ……

Comment on: The one's words of Herein still calculates amiable, have more severe than Herein director more, point out politely: A person cannot be in “ the job is finished inside working hours of 40 hours every week, and should rely on to work overtime will finish, can explain his efficiency is low only. ” so ah, double cease why doesn't day make an appointment with a friend to play one bureau tennis, perhaps come home take the expert good course of old Mom?

  The top is short of- - held a very hot sweet potato

Employee of department of Miss Huang market

Miss A in the office asks for leave go reading German aggrandizement class, will go abroad subsequently visit one's family 3 months, the vacant nobody that there are 5 months after she goes supports. That day, boss speaks of this thing in the office when, of one face helpless with desolate, resemble talk feeling piece the hero in. Colleague “ gets the better of phonic ” soundlessly right now, my heart one soft, stand up solemn and stirringly say: “ takes the place of as me first Miss A does a paragraph, wait for a company to find appropriate person selected. ” that momently, feel oneself resemble stern of the justice like a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct.
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