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Although the social experience that should say me is not much, but not little also, general to a few curious and strange things not wondering, but a few days ago interview lets me feel this world is true still before have a few other people's fab thing.

The word says Beijing is in season of invite applications for a job now, arrive all the time from Feburary now, agricultural exhibition, international exhibition, it is to compare large invite applications for a job to be able to hold the ground. For instance in Feburary 11 or the first invite applications for a job after 12 agricultural exhibition Spring Festival passes is met, I attended, oneself are not a this year's graduates, because a variety of reasons need new job now. Entering invite applications for a job basically can be to accompany others, oneself look incidentally.

The person is very much that day, the invite applications for a job of Beijing is met such, person that many ah, one exhibits a person many super, then I also collect looked in the past, discovery is basic it is a this year's graduates. Writing on specification of invite applications for a job: 211 schools are preferential, the this year's graduates solves Beijing registered permanent residence. This word attracted one ticket to learn younger brother to learn younger sister really, look in me, this is alluring to my it doesn't matter, the unit that nevertheless I think to substantive personnel matters counterpoises should be more standard, perhaps have development latent capacity quite. Then I also take out resume, want to try, oneself graduate one year, those who learn is current the most popular major, graduate school belongs to the sort of very normal university, the university entrance exam (Q) and all recruit students of 8 classics, university result is right, this letter that obtains is taken entirely, although alma mater does not have Tsinghua Beijing University those famous brand schools are famous, but I think the development potential of the school is good still, the alma mater that so I am myself all the time is proud, and hope he had good prospect in the future can give alma mater add lustre to.

Jumping-off place is good still, why I introduce my school so, real invite applications for a job is such: I go by to tell my to want to become technical assistant this job, send oneself resume then, those who receive resume is a girl that wear heavy make-up, this morphology allows her is not derogatory sense absolutely, because main invite applications for a job meets the girl of manpower resource assistant director that go up,be very beautiful, and go up makeup, she sees my major, shake next shake one's head say: “ incorrect mouth. ” I am feeling puzzled, how the meeting is incorrect mouth, they are a companies that start representative of entrance instrument China, technical assistant as it happens is the maintenance of these pair of instruments and service, and my university majors these, this arrives is the professional level that yields me to suspect this belle. Then the belle looks, my photograph, see me again, when just when I take a resume,the plan shows a person, she seized from my hand again suddenly, of be overjoyed say: “ alas, you are of *** college graduate, good ah, I leave resume. ”
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