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The undergraduate passes heart of Jing of inside of close a case

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Yang Gang of 24 years old ever was taste the good student that learns to hold actor concurrently. He saves the identity of Number One Scholar of some county the university entrance exam to take an examination of the metallic stuff department that enters college of Nanjing some famous brand with Heibei. Just big one, he gains the opportunity that this large reads repeatedly by outstanding study achievement. Big 3 when, it is OK that the adviser tells him large rich is read repeatedly. Dan Yanggang chose to abandon. Because at this moment, he encountered Wang Mou of the Chinese outside the condition.

By 2005, wang Mou does the specification that enrol business to meet to Yang Gang's university, profess to making IP phone item, the hope develops career ” in Nanjing “ . Yang Gang is met in the project go up and ” of king “ feel like old friends at the first meeting, because of Wang Shui become project belong to the same organization, aroused Yang Gang's great ambition. After the Spring Festival passed 2006, the contact of Yang Gang and Wang Mou gradually much, wangcheng establishs the think of a way of an organization, also be agreed with by Yang Gang. In August, an organization that is called ” of “ undergraduate poineering federation is born.

Federation uses a member to make, every member needs the introductory fee that pay differs 150 yuan to 1000 yuan. The recruit of the member is in to seeming school undergraduate. After gaining member competence, can sell digital fittings and development to get offline with the name of the company.

But passed before long, ” of “ undergraduate poineering federation is concerned namely the branch is banned. After a month, replacing Nanjing immediately of some trade limited company is born. Because Yang Gang is deep the regard highly of king, became the general manager of the company and legal representative.

   ” of “ Wang Ge just is old of behind the curtain

Although changed the appearance of the company, the core business of this organization still is cost of introduction of collection of member of the development that pursue course, a member admits get offline more, commission is more also, developed 20 members to be able to take 1000 yuan of middleman's fee than consistent individual, and the company is OK gain 9000 yuan.

Member in a steady stream emerges to here from the university of Nanjing ceaselessly. But actually, not only the member does not have gain money, the employee of trade company also does not have salary, the reason that the undergraduate can hold to to hold a post is “ Wang Ge also does not take salary, we an ability ” to exercise oneself. ” of “ Wang Ge is the Wang Mou in preamble. The general manager in the company is Yang Gang, thing of in every case is Wang Ge ” said “ to calculate, ” of “ Wang Ge returns full-fledged member to be in charge of a member grooming. Sit when the seat of company general manager and legal representative, yang Gang is not attendant even. The school is undertaking military training at that time, behave the v/arc drillmaster in outstanding Yang Gang or school. After be being appointed ” to be a legal representative by “ , yang Gang “ still feels very honorable ” , until pass close a case to defeat other undergraduate by demobilize, when only he and ” of “ king elder brother are locked up to enter a detention house, what Yang Gang just realizes a problem is serious.
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