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Graduate bewares by " try retry "

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After entering summer vacation time, harbin city each college is graduate in succession leave school, began ” of their “ profession career. The reporter understands in interview, to new job, graduate people take its work environment, pay seriously to wait mostly, but reasonable to “ probation ” of the job understand however very little. The expert reminds, the accident of probation should be decided according to the deadline that labor contract signs, seasonal short-term worker worker is average need not probation, to apply for a job bewares enter pit of “ probation ” by accident.

After the Wang Jing that in Harbin city institute of some profession technology learns business affairs English graduates, will to company of some foreign trade do article secret work, at the beginning of working, had decided with the company, probation 3 months, monthly pay 700 yuan, without any insurance and welfare, the wages after becoming a full member rises it is 1200 yuan, enjoy endowment insurance to wait. Between probation, pay is very low, the job is tired still, wang Jing is good not easy get close to 2 months, wanted to become a full member soon. But before a few days, this company leader informs her, want to change a section to her, because need to contact new job, the probation of before two months did not calculate, probation wants to wait for tone to arrive after new department, begin afresh. Oneself are tried to retry by “ ” , probation by ” of “ postpone again and again, under king lens stretch, decide abdication did not work.

The reporter understands in interview, resemble Wang Jing such, encounter probation of unit of choose and employ persons is not carried out by the regulation, become “ cheap the to apply for a job of labour force ” person do not be in a few, but what understand probation to implement regulation truly among them is very few however. Zhao Shuzhi of manager of market of the talent that occupy town introduces, nowadays has some of enterprise to be in really when hiring, existence “ is used first with the think of a way that sees ” , the salary that pays as a result of probation place is relatively inferior, accordingly, probation turned a few enterprise into the method of be economical, hope to extend probation.

Zhao Shuzhi is special the person that remind to apply for a job, probation is not think how long with respect to how long, " labor contract law " specific provision, unit of choose and employ persons and to apply for a job person signed labor contract deadline resents one year in 3 months above, probation must not exceed a month; Labor contract deadline a year of above 3 years the following, probation must not exceed 2 months; 3 years above solid is restricted regularly and the labor contract probation without fixed deadline must not exceed 6 months; And the short-term labour that labor contract deadline is less than 3 months, do not get conventional probation commonly.
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