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The undergraduate applies for a job not credulous high pay

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At present is worth height of college graduate to apply for a job, but Nanchang evening paper receives even recently nearly 100 cases what undergraduate graduation to apply for a job encounters trap to complain, yesterday, the reporter interviewed relevant branch chief for this, bureau of Nanchang town work works censorial place entrusts our newspaper to release caution of to apply for a job to the society designedly.

◎ trap is bait diddle cash pledge with high pay

Case: When small Li Zaican increases interview of a company, human affairs is in charge of acceptance to offer very high salary, but should make 800 yuan of deposit first, the job is returned again after a year completely. After Xiaoli goes to work to the company, the company gives the work that he completes hard at all, this company cannot finish the job with Xiaoli finally for its discharge, small Li Yi divides money pay to was not gotten, 800 yuan of cash pledge also do not have recapture.

Caution: Comparing grim obtain employment situation to fall currently, graduate must not believe the initial stage that working can gain very high income easily. The member that there is a few illegal person now is making the pretense of high salary, diddle is so called cash pledge, groom cost, dress cost. Collect fees to enrolling what person unit puts forward project, graduate should dare to say “ not ” , if already by unit collection similar fee, want to withhold the testimony such as good receipt, work to place censorial branch seeks a help.

2 sequestered certificate allow ◎ catch you do not go

Case: Xiaowu finishs a company is entered to go to work through applying for after course of study, when signing a contract, the company says to in-house regulation asks Xiaowu gives graduation card company management, the Xiaowu that does not understand a situation is forced to illuminate do. Who knows those who begin to say to salary and pay are mixed different, but certificate by distrain, small Wu Xiang does not leave.

Caution: Relevant labor code and byelaw make clear a regulation, unit of choose and employ persons and laborer sign labor contract, do not get the Id of sequestered laborer and other and lawful certificate. Accordingly, graduate is in when encountering similar case, the relevant provision that can take work rules and unit of choose and employ persons have negotiation, or to labor censorial branch appeals, must not give oneself effective certificate blindly unit of choose and employ persons.

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