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Old way of trap of to apply for a job often fools newlywed person

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Unit of undesirable invite applications for a job and cheater company often “ spring breeze is blown give birth to ” again, however strange is trap of to apply for a job covering a road to be answered back and forth is those a few, annual however somebody is decieved be duped. Besides deep feeling cheater be very happy with it, the undergraduates of to apply for a job also this oneself keep sober, brush the eye a bit more brightly again a bit brighter.

News background

834 undergraduates fall to pass sell catch

Begin from September 2006, limited company of Nanjing some trade gets stuck to wait for name with project collaboration with selling a membership, the introduction that collection differs 150 yuan to 1000 yuan is expended, development is engaged in passing in school undergraduate sell an activity. Use a student to be eager to earning money free-standing, be eager to the psychology such as deficient, develop in order to recruit a part-time job to be participated in in school undergraduate in great quantities for the name pass sell an activity, have certain beguiling sex, some undergraduates not hesitate even with suspend one's schooling, leave school to be engaged in passing for cost full-time annul. Guilty suspect still uses mental “ brainwashing to limit the instrument such as person freedom ” , illegally, cause scar of serious body and mind to the victim. Nanjing city public security bureau, industrial and commercial bureau investigated his jointly a few days ago. To stop when case hair, this company is passed sell an activity to already involved 33 colleges of Nanjing in all 834 undergraduates. Passed the development object that sells an activity to be centered in a few kinds of crowds such as the farmer, personnel that do not have course of study, off-duty workers more in the past, but from 2006 since, pass sell an organization to be permeated to the college increasingly remarkable. The undergraduate is participated in pass annul not only bedraggled school work, suffer pecuniary loss, and body and mind suffers serious harm. Branch of industrial and commercial, public security reminds Nanjing city, college graduate comes with respect to height of course of study, a few pass sell an organization to begin vivid capriole to come again. The undergraduate wants recognize to pass sell essence, increase be on guard consciousness and ego protection consciousness, take strict precautions against pass annul into campus.

The network of impossible to defend effectively is passed sell Xiaonie, 2006 graduate

Big the below half semester of 4, xiaonie receives an interview to inform, the other side professes A company, xiaonie's resume saw on website of invite applications for a job, and their as it happens wants salesperson of invite applications for a job. To apply for a job of “ that moment is busy season, everybody can receive ” of a few phones everyday almost, xiaonie does not have suspicion. And he gets online later examining company information also is very normal foreign enterprise, although the place is in Shenzhen, want to undertake speech interview, small Nie Jiao still must be fair and reasonable.
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