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New pattern of foreign enterprise invite applications for a job - " meal situati

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Every student should experience the process of the to apply for a job after graduating from campus, and interview is the most important in process of to apply for a job undoubtedly close. Every follows the nerve of the person that all content that interview concerns always are touching to apply for a job. We should like to ask of interview skill, face answers, scene interview, disposition checks …… Lin Lin to always always make a person dazzling.

Of the development as intellectual economy business and contemporary service line of business arisen, the synergic ability to the individual, communication collaboration ability, client serves the industry ability raised taller requirement. Accordingly besides having professional knowledge and high grade latent capacity, human truck capacity resembles with communication ability is routine medium lubricant is same, very important also. In the interview of invite applications for a job of a few enterprises, the human association of the understanding, person that inspect to apply for a job and ability of communication ability and meet an emergency, ” of this one important “ affection business examines a topic, became unit of a few choose and employ persons the “ assault ” when interview.

Appear to cause everybody first on the network recently the message of controversy: Zhejiang is saved always fine county when interview of invite applications for a job of post of some association secretary, apply for personnel to be invited to attend have a meal. Come round of company of invite applications for a job crosses meal bureau, inspect their gregarious ability. For a short while, is “ meal bureau the one part of interview? ” made target of public criticism. Unit of invite applications for a job did not see this thing can lift ” of disturbance of so big “ unexpectedly beforehand apparently, breathe out greatly injustice.

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