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The 10 skill that interview knows successfully surely

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Interview play is outstanding, be like,be other condition the inadequacy on record of formal schooling, major. A lot of graduate to apply for a job fail, it is to be defeated was in on interview. The 10 big a magic weapon that the expert explained interview to succeed in detail to this year's undergraduate that is about to enter interview col and answer take an examination of the 10 great skill of government-owned problem.

Skill one: Self introduction does not exceed 2 minutes

“ asks your self introduction the unit of choose and employ persons that ” inscribes 90% above this can ask, interview person had better keep good back with literal form beforehand ripe. Actually interview person unit of fundamental condition choose and employ persons already mastered, the language expression ability that the purpose that studies this subject is the person that assess interview, logistic ability, and sincere letter is spent. So, interview person should agree with resume photograph in the content of self introduction, state means to go up to use spoken language to change as far as possible, notice content is concise, hit the mark, do not talk have nothing to do, useless content, consecution wants clarity, layer secondary is trenchant. Self introduction cannot exceed 2 minutes, had better hold to be controlled in 1 minute.

Skill 2: Stress sweet and harmonious family atmosphere

The domestic situation ” that “ talks about you the unit of choose and employ persons of 70% can involve this kind of issue, interview person should introduce family simply, need to introduce parents only commonly, the industry that if the relative is mixed,applies for is relative also can introduce. The attention when the answer stresses sweet and harmonious family atmosphere, parents teachs the attention of the respect to oneself, the favorable situation of each domestic member, and the support that domestic member works to oneself and oneself are right domestic sense of responsibility.

Skill 3: With Le Qun sexual hobby embellishs image

The hobby ” that “ talks about you is joint ventures, civilian look forward to be happy to ask this problem, the disposition of the person that because the proprietor of an enterprise wants to carry this title,understand interview is optimistic, whether to have group mind. So interview person must not say oneself do not have hobby, also do not say oneself have those low, the hobby with bad feeling making a person. When talking about a hobby, had better not say oneself are confined to read, hear music, get online the thing that waits for a person to do, may make interview official suspect applicant disposition is dissocial so, best can a few wait like basketball, badminton, the hobby that outdoors and everybody make together comes the image that “ embellishs him ” , the chime of Le Qun sex of the person that outstanding face is inspected makes ability.
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