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Xiangxiang "County management of township" hospitals breakthrough talent "bott

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"Since his formal work in our hospitals, we can do fractures and other independent operation, and before these procedures have to ask doctors to do a higher level." Recently, Xiangxiang City Center Hospital chess Azusa good about the new chapter president undergraduate work in hospitals assigned to Li Cai Jun, words of praise and loneliness. In 2008 graduated from the College of Medicine, Changsha, Lee was military, Xiangxiang City Health Bureau is a "county management of township" means the recruitment, allocation to the health center's first full-time undergraduate students. To the front end of the year, only degree of township hospitals Xiangxiang 9.7% of health technicians, specialist qualifications and only 20.8%. The undergraduate degree in fewer full-time undergra duate students. Pharmacy staff above normal, below normal care and other professionals, business and management personnel also lack the backbone. In order to attract highly educated staff to the Health Centers, introduced last year Xiangxiang "County management of township" New Deal, undergraduate or graduate or medical practitioner recruitment staffing the municipal health bureau hosted, for five years in the work of township hospitals later, can be transferred directly under the municipal hospital. In the treatment, in addition to the municipal financial guarantee base salary within five years, and bear the pension, medical, maternity, business, unemployment insurance paid part of the unit, but also enjoy the cadres and workers of the same township hospitals where performance bonuses and benefits. "County management of township" New Deal, last year attracted 20 undergraduate students and practicing physicians. After these personnel to rural hospitals, has brought great changes to the hospitals: health care capacity building, can not see the small town of the basic disease, and even some of the more major surgery can be done. For example, Hu Tian Town, stone and other hospitals before the town can not do surgery, gynecologic surgery, can now be had; business volume has increased, distribution of 9 undergraduates to rural hospitals, the volume of business a year an average of 20 % or more. According to reports, the city's 20 "County management of township" the recruitment of medical undergraduates is also nearing completion.
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