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Zhengzhou High-tech innovation and technology areas identified by the key pers

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Recently, the city of Zhengzhou City Science and Technology Bureau 16 counties (cities) and districts, 16 universities and research institutes and medical technical personnel in the health system were evaluated and found that high-tech zone of Zhengzhou technological backbone of the 230 enterprises were identified for the city level key scientific and technological innovation, found among the number of Zhengzhou City, 16 counties (cities) and districts first. Technological innovation is the key personnel identified implementation of qualified personnel, Zhengzhou City, an important part of the project, Zhengzhou City, leading scientists and major scientific and technological innovation team, the talent reserve, is to undertake all kinds of Zhengzhou City, an important platform for science and technology projects, a strong contingent of qualified personnel High-tech Zone will also enhance the capability of independent innovation enterprises to provide a solid pool of talent.
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