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Human Resources Management: Building Talent shortage of workers Forced Upgrade

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"Labor shortage" the emergence of many enterprises to adopt the solution is to raise, in my view, raise a quenching thirst with poison, not a long-term solution Began in early labor shortage continues to this day, the industry given in the evaluation as "this is a harbinger of industrial upgrading in China", and how to seize the historic opportunity to achieve to upgrade the manufacturing industry, also known as the face of Chinese entrepreneurs Pro historic mission; other voice was unequal treatment of migrant workers on demand. The labor shortage on the emergence of the mainstream sound that the rapid development of China's economy in the inevitable process of a phenomenon, but also Chinese enterprises supply of cheap labor has long been dependent on an urgent mental performance . Yes, the process of reform and opening up, China's huge achievements of China's cheap labor and manufacturing groups, the other hand, the achievements made in China after the feeding of these are not good from their homes, low-wage labor force, such as Recently Foxconn employees frequently jump from a building to affect the nerve of the whole society. For a long time, children's education, health care and other workers who have been affecting the nerves of groups, the state has been implementing various policies to address through various means have given it, but very few respondents in some areas, there are a lot of Cheap labor for many businesses to develop a labor "peace of mind" mentality, there are orders recruit staff, resigned on orders employees, are a gesture if nothing had happened, people-oriented management philosophy has never been in these enterprises Truly implemented, there will be no staff of the enterprise of natural feeling of belonging. I actually think that this is the labor shortage was the result of this deep-seated reasons. Growing awareness of the staff, the enterprise did not give the corresponding case of return, Not hire people but inevitable. It seems to really solve the labor shortage, in addition to government departments in education and health policies to promote other aspects, there labor shortage in equipment and technology companies to achieve industrial upgrading, the company added in staff management Strong, so that employees find the feeling of belonging and a sense of security also appears to delay. Hengda Group is a 26-year-old business, such as the Hunter adhere to the "green management", I think "green management" in the final analysis is from the heart and in harmony with nature, and social harmony, benevolence to all things as One, from the man, to make products, do business, through the green management, hunter walking in front of advanced manufacturing, brand management and innovative R & D of high-end, built a hundred years to achieve hunter green tree century vision of the brand. The premise is that companies first need the greatest wealth of the subject - employee involvement, and respecting the rights of employees and value of building a harmonious cultural values, is not able to complete one or two days. Enterprise management is the foundation of corporate culture, management of the business it set the tone. Those on the other hand, the world's best brand, not a business without their own corporate culture, there is this corporate culture, so that enterprises Staff gather together, and constantly evolving business to give vitality, and promote the upgrading of products, and promote reform and innovation of enterprises, which is the company to be "people-oriented, the Heart" reasons. Enterprises to give their own cultural heritage, from the "people-oriented, heart-centered" management origin in addition to earnestly implement the relevant state employment system, employees from the fundamental solution to children's education and medical care to worry about outside On staff training and education a top priority at this stage more, but also business "people-oriented, to the heart-oriented" management focus is to find a home business so that employees feel the most important way. Figures show that over the years, each time the greatest shortages of labor shortage is the primary craft and intermediate technicians. On the one hand, there is an inevitable labor shortage, labor force from rural areas did not experience education and training, in the past thirty Years, a large number of non-technology manufacturing to enable them to promote China's development and achievements made in China after the company did not nurture their meritorious achievements - workers; the other hand, China is now in the world in which cells Board under this cheap, unskilled manufacturing will eventually become the past, this is the inevitable law of development. China's transformation and upgrading in progress, and by then there will be more companies need more craft personnel, according to current Craft workforce in the state, if not be the appropriate training of personnel, a new round of labor shortage will once again appear, then, not a way to raise enterprises to adopt best solution. The good news is, there is now shortage of workers, many enterprises have realized that area to the magnitude of the problem and to explore new solutions, such as Zhejiang Taizhou in the "school-enterprise cooperation" approach to supplement and improve the company "Team" of personnel development, as well internal training, to completely get rid of low-skilled, low, low efficiency of the industrial model; such as Hengda Group and Qingdao Vocational and Technical College is also the implementation of strategic cooperation, through the " Reality coupling "teaching mode, open hunter classes, the hunter 26 years of corporate culture, brand concepts, management systems more closely with the Institute combines cutting-edge teaching so that students accepted at school and have more professional Practical operation of the education and training, in order to better meet the social needs of the future basis. I think that after the China Times, the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, the enterprise in order to develop, can only rely on the transformation and upgrading, and through school-enterprise cooperation Trained combat talents, will become the main force in the process of transformation and upgrading, leap-forward development of enterprises. Want to complete the magnificent transformation of China's manufacturing industry, China's manufacturing labor force is also the efforts of manufacturers to complete the magnificent transformation, which is after the Chinese manufacturing industries to create pool of talent is also present in China The manufacturer should bear the era of corporate social responsibility and mission.
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