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Career move birds nest how to plan the second-tier cities

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Xiao Mu, 30, his hometown in Jiangxi Province, after the automatic control of a professional graduate school to stay in Shanghai. Because no professional interest, so he do in a medical device company sales, the monthly basic salary of 1,800 yuan, Others rely on commission, a year when you can get down more than 8 million after tax, while the less time we can only get 5 million. His wife is a small quiet college students, home in Chongqing, after graduation to stay in Shanghai, in an advertising Company to finance, after-tax income of 5,000 yuan per month, other than the annual income in addition to 13 monthly salaries rarely, a small quiet read at their own expense after graduation and MBA, but it seems to work are not helpful. The couple's family are more General, can not rely on parents, and together they started from scratch only the common struggle, and now in Shanghai, rented a house for a family room, despite every month live frugally, work and now she saved 20 million, but to bought in Shanghai Room, children, life, pension, feeling still too heavy to breathe. The high level of education that can help your hand, but in talented people, education excess first-tier cities, with good career development prospects is not easy. If so, not as to the relative worth of qualifications issued second-tier cities Development. Xiao Mu and small quiet deliberation, decided to leave together in Shanghai, returned to his hometown Chongqing little quiet to start a new life. Xiao Mu electronics industry to find a vice president of the company's planning office, after-tax monthly income of 4,000 yuan stable, Also find a small quiet new advertising company, is still the financial work, after-tax income of 3,000 yuan per month. Best e-commerce platform Confidential Secret! Market may find that reversal of the recent Institutions of capital flows has changed dramatically! Main funding is plotting a new layout! High house prices are increasingly becoming a matter of fact the constraints of urban development. Frequently two or three hundred million yuan set in the house, is not an ordinary working-class consumer can "necessity", but rather a supercilious air "luxury . "Growth in revenue in exchange for hard work never catch up with the growth of the down payment, so many people are beginning to re-examine their own values and life goals, rather wearily to their designated as the" new Shanghai ", it is better to cool Return to a more suitable place to live. The only reasonable option is to group birds into the ranks of the workplace, away from the people fear in the heart of the "first-tier cities." In general, the first thing to consider is whether the city's housing prices affordable. China remains the implementation of the national household registration system, for many people, buying a house to solve the housing problem is actually the real solution Must account problems, account problems connected to the generations of birth, education, employment, pension and other additional elements. Although the role of the household registration system in the long term will gradually fade, but the real point of view accepted only bite . Second, we must consider the full extent of the city's educational resources and the quality of education. If the second and third tier cities, the quality of life lower than the first-tier cities that is acceptable, but the educational resources directly involved in the next generation Growth environment, the comfort can not be thwarted because the parents of the child's future. Especially if the move with kids, then have to consider the children to study the problem of convergence. At present, education programs among the various requirements of the city There is a difference, the child's ability to adapt is much weaker than adults, so try to make a smooth transition of children's education, so as not to shake too much but affect their studies. Once again to consider is the career prospects of planning, competitive pressure from the second and third tier cities even though the city is much smaller than the line, but actually also means opportunities for the less competitive environment often means that not more Equality and more helpless the unspoken rules. Therefore, the "workplace birds group" need to re-adjust their career expectations, if you still feel lofty, it is likely but larger gap. In contrast, see the current situation of The put the location, go with the flow, take the opportunity, perhaps down to open a new sky. By extension, said, is to choose a city development, but also need to consider the city's network of contacts and background, and if life in a completely Unfamiliar place, it means that all relations must be built from scratch, or even recognize the city from scratch, which is the psychological quality requirements are very high may perhaps be a cost-effective choice. Therefore, May wish to choose a certain foundation of the city, such as Xiao Mu and small quiet as quiet choose to return to the small home, or have more to choose the city where a good friend. There are issues to be considered secondary to a number slightly, but it should also have a full understanding. For example, weather conditions, some habits of the living environment of people migrated south to the northeast to where it will stand drought and cold; For example, eating habits, some people used to migrate to the light taste will not adapt to the western region where the weight can not spicy flavors; such as dialect environment, some people migrated to the northern region after the South would not hear Understand the local dialect and so on. The first step is to find a good next home, that is, to find good jobs in the local. In general, for "birds workplace group" for a big city and work experience of high diploma is not difficult in the second and third tier cities Finding a job, the key is how you want to have gained a "satisfactory job." For example, in this case, Xiaomu original work in Shanghai, medical equipment sales, a lower base salary, fully rely on their own sales business Performance to earn commission income, very hard, even though graduate school, but a professionally useless to Xiaomu 60 000 -8 million in annual income of view seems to have mediocre performance, career development, hovering at the crossroads, slow break not The bottleneck. But Xiaomu found after move to Chongqing, a stable income, professional LO's work, while planning department can give full play to his previous job in sales and marketing experience, more good news is that small MU assistant manager of a department began to assume certain management functions, this is a good career track. In contrast, under a small quiet family becomes more general, in Chongqing is still at an advertising company to do financial Services, salaries, work than a straight line in Shanghai fell by nearly half, although the intensity of work and requirements will be lower than in Shanghai, but it is also a new starting point was low. Small quiet in the job should still put himself in a higher level To win, after all, there is an MBA diploma hands, though held in Shanghai, many people such as diploma river carp, but in the second and third tier cities should become higher gold content. Sometimes, for some in all parts of Branches or subsidiaries of companies, select a new city costs that would be even lower, do not necessarily need to do a resignation so many entry procedures, as long as the transfer to the headquarters for jobs might just get it, this Samples from different perspectives is also beneficial to understand and participate in a company's business to gain more opportunities for advancement. The second step should be for a good social security, provident fund, insurance, accounts, etc. migration. Move to another city life, new places to advance understanding of the social security rules and regulations, where possible, the pre-open Good legislation related accounts, and then the city will pay the payment in the original transfer of funds within the account to the new account in the city, so you can ensure a continuous length of service and related equity calculation and without loss. Of course, each city agency between the Paul paid the gold standard there will be some differences, generally second and third tier cities, the amount of payment will be lower than first-tier cities of gold, or even the use of funds in the account may also be different requirements. The third step is to run Shanghai unit separation procedures. The so-called "good terms", even though you choose to leave the city made up his mind, but still he should consider himself the best and most professional fighting in the left side of this City people. Before leaving the service, to ensure the integrity of each work to do proper transfer procedures, go clean, beautiful walk, which is the basic literacy professional manager of a temper. The fourth step to work out a new life for the city. Distance units in advance to find a good example closer to home, the first procedures for rent, complete collection of basic information, such as neighborhood, police, property, bank accounts Lines, utility payment cards, new phone number, supermarket stores, hospitals and so on. If you have a child, but also their counterparts in the children find a good school, the best field trips some further decision. In this case, Xiao Mu and small quiet life after they returned to Chongqing, Xiao Mu after-tax income of 4,000 yuan per month, a small quiet after-tax income of 3,000 yuan per month, although the decline in income than before, but because the cost of living also reduced the number of Therefore, the standard of living will not have much impact. What is gratifying is that Xiaomu and small quiet couple to consider buying the house. They work in Shanghai during the savings of 20 million, can all be used as a down payment and the simple decoration of the house, assuming a unit price of 5,000 yuan to buy 90 square meters house, housing price 45 million, 18 million to pay four percent down payment, 2 million to pay renovation costs, the remaining 270,000 yuan to the banks for loans, 20-year period if it is equal principal repayment, then as 5.94% of the benchmark interest rate calculations, the first years for about 2,400 yuan, and the monthly decline, and the two after-tax monthly income of 7,000 yuan compared to the total is completely affordable. They should be the first suite loans, in principle, interest rates also May fall, the corresponding lower monthly amount. As a "nest of" families, Xiao Mu and small static childcare should also start thinking about the problem. Moved after living in Chongqing, the monthly income of 7,000 yuan after tax, net of January 2400, and basic living expenses for In addition, monthly balances have also been relatively limited, up to 1,000 yuan, a year down she saved up to 12,000 yuan. Fortunately, the couple are still young, however, the cause is on the rise period, the annual wage income are likely to achieve 5% to 10% growth Length, coupled with equal principal repayment amount of the monthly decline for the month, so within 2 years the couple have children is entirely possible. For the family investment, the second and third tier cities may be not as good as in the ease of first-tier cities. Relatively weak financial management awareness of the residents, banking and finance is more limited financial products, securities and futures business institutions such as the Ministry outlets less Open to many private equity funds and other products the sun far from mature investment environment, investment information relatively isolated market information, lack of these natural conditions, coupled with inadequate because of competition brought about by high rates, high commission costs Indeed are the disadvantages of home finance and investment. But from the perspective of asset allocation, these adverse conditions, the impact is still limited. Buffett is also the achievements in the three cities in the investment guru's reputation, the small Mu Jing should be more confident and small fishes. In the asset allocation ratio, increase the need for timely access to high-risk assets to the potential benefits, such as stocks, funds and so on. The second and third tier cities is generally not high income levels, so the family security needs of small static Xiaomu and early rainy day, the later start will be more difficult to cope with high demand for pension, retirement needs are met while also Foundation of the family to meet protection. In this case, Xiao Mu and small static may consider 10% of annual household income used to purchase family insurance plan, in the first two years when the economy is not very well-off ratio can be lowered to 5%, the number of Years later, the better off can even increase to 15%. Purchase family insurance plans, to adhere to the principle: between adults and children, give adults to buy insurance; in between husband and wife, give the family breadwinner Insurance; between the various types of insurance, the first to buy accident insurance and health insurance, education, and then consider insurance and pension insurance, and finally to consider participating insurance, investment-linked insurance, universal insurance and other insurance. "Workplace birds swarm" is a specific class of modern society, they had to leave the life force, "first-tier cities," return "second-tier cities." But in fact, the so-called "first-tier cities," and "second-tier cities "Is a relative term. With the deepening of the process of urbanization and urban communities to promote the continuous development, more and more of the" second city "among the" first-tier cities "." Workplace migratory group "which might Day "was back" to a "first-tier cities"; or through hard work, successful implementation of "encircling the cities" strategy once again thrust backwards, "first-tier cities." From this point of view, no matter how migration, the most critical Or to strengthen its "soft power", the temporary migration only as a "workplace of migratory birds" were the adjustment of development pace, and not meant to be a rest stop. If you decide to leave the first-tier cities, we must first select which city to move to the first house to consider whether it can bear; Second, we must consider the full extent of educational resources and the quality of education; once again to consider the career prospects Planning. Considered appropriate in all the selected city to prepare for migration, the migration started on step by step plan. The first step, the next to find a good home, to find good jobs in the local; the second step, for a good social security, provident fund , Insurance, account migration, etc.; the third step, run Shanghai unit separation procedures.
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