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Germany: Because of " apparently pro-Chinese " be dismissed

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”5 daily way says the voice of “ Germany, the German reporter that is called black Ni Xi will regard torch as the hand on August 6, olympic Games torch was participated in to deliver in Beijing. He 64 years old answers originally this year the autumn retires, the agency of German sports news that is in by him in Olympic Games opening eve however (SID) opens ” of censorship of press with China of erroneous report “ , “ is apparently pro-Chinese dismiss for ” , intense controversy is aroused in German home. Germany " daily " for him complain of being wronged: “ if a person publishs the opinion on public affairs that does not suit current society appetite, let station of his keep to the side, too beyond the mark rather. ”

Occupy the acoustical ” story of “ Germany, “ of black Ni Xi is not general sports reporter, he is SID3 name one of editorial office controller. The message that German media is dismissed about him originates the earliest German reporter Gemaier and Weienlaixi the rich guest of two people.

The acoustical ” of “ Germany says, weienlaixi will be written on August 4, SID president Kelaimo confirmed the information that black Ni Xi is dismissed to him, reason “ is the tendentiousness ” in the report apparently: On August 1, say when other news agency China did not give network “ lift a ban ” only, only local when be being unlocked somewhat, black Ni Xi is mixed in a few articles say China removed to block to the Internet “ of Olympic Games reporter repeatedly in a comment ” . On August 2, sports news agency called in many 1 article that day gives out. Had what in-house intense brawl and Hei Ni hope to be dismissed next. Weienlaixi says, after “ individually ” attends torch of Beijing Olympic Games to deliver, hei Ni hopes 7 days to will leave Beijing. Its work to already was replaced by others.

The acoustical ” of “ Germany says, be dismissed to black Ni Xi, german media is cover of ground of consider sth as it stands only mostly, only " times " weekly points out ” of “ nature's mystery: Because,dismissing is “ his recent report is apparently pro-Chinese ” . " times " weekly citing says, “3·After 14” incident, black Ni Xiceng warns what do not disturb Olympic Games torch to deliver in the report.

The acoustical ” of “ Germany reports, kelaimo did not use “ directly pro-Chinese the adjective of ” and so on, but he says to Weienlaixi, staff of agency of other sports news is met the press that “ devotes oneself to clean and outstanding working ” , “ we must maintain reportorial distance in Beijing, cannot angle of pure sports of bureau be confined to. Go in the trap that we cannot be immersed in to cheer. He still says ” , black Ni Xi holds to his course a few years all the time.

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