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Shandong Rizhao priority to accelerate construction of the implementation of tal

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October 29, Rizhao municipal government meeting held in the city's human resources work, study and formulate the sunshine city "long-term talent development program (2010-2020)", a period of personnel deployed in the future work. Shandong Rizhao Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Yang Jun stressed departments at all levels should take the scientific outlook on development as guidance, in-depth implementation of talent development strategy, building the talent highland, to expedite the construction of new cities marine characteristics provide strong guarantee. Sun Haiting Rizhao Municipal Committee Chair. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Hou Chengjun, Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhangxi Chen, Municipal Committee, Ministers of the Organization of money Huan Tao, Municipal Committee, Political Commissar of Military sunshine close the first Fan, Gao Liping, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress, Vice Mayor Solutions World growth, Yuxing An, government party members Cui Liang, Vice Chairman of LIN Yu-city business meeting. Huan Tao Qian to convey the spirit of meeting the province's human resources work. Yang Jun pointed out, is accelerating the construction of Rizhao City, Shandong marine characteristics emerging city, expanding the total economy and enhance core competitiveness, ultimately depends on enhancing the comprehensive strength of talent; the realization of economic restructuring, industrial upgrading, there must rely on the support personnel . Only by accelerating to attract talent, talent attraction, capable people, with good talent and building talent highland, to take the lead in innovation and quality development, the future development of the real build new advantages. Sunshine the next ten years is an important economic and social development in the period across all levels and all departments must fully grasp the opportunities facing the human resources work and favorable conditions for development must adhere to grasp grasping talent, focus on the development of talent is grasping, efforts to promote the city's human resources work as soon as possible breakthroughs. Yang Jun stressed the expansion of human resources, optimizing the personnel structure, improve the quality of talent, is the current and future human resources work, Rizhao City, the central task. Departments at all levels should strengthen the development of qualified personnel as a strong city the base of development, and transformation to vigorously implement the talent development strategy, adhere to the training and the introduction of both pay more attention to high-end and the shortage of talent to lead, pay more attention to production and research with more emphasis on the use-based, pay more attention to urban and rural human resources development, focus on resolving the "missing", "use", "environmental" problem, the city's efforts to gather scientific development before Yucai cited only with talent, and effectively improve the talent development level. To firmly establish the scientific talent, accelerate the formation of human resources development strategy priorities, the focus on increased efforts to bring talented people to vigorously improve the quality of all types of personnel, focus on innovative institutional mechanisms to optimize the human environment, and strive to create a new situation in the city's talent. Yang Jun requirements, organizations at all levels should always Stick to the principle, and constantly improve their leadership style, improve the level of leadership for the implementation of human resources development strategy, accelerate the construction of high talent and provide a strong organizational guarantees. Party committees, governments and enterprises and institutions to strengthen the organization and leadership, and strengthen co-ordination, strengthening the work of innovation, strengthen security services, and create a respect for labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, and create a good atmosphere, full of talent a solid work efforts to accelerate the construction of new cities marine characteristics provide strong guarantee. It also is a high-level professional and technical business groups, 10 high-level professional and technical innovation and entrepreneurial talent, 20 "Country Sunshine City Star", 10 "sunshine city's chief engineer," issued a certificate.
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