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Pluralistic public relations
Position type: Pluralistic pay pay: The face is discussed

Branch of invite applications for a job: Number of invite applications for a job: 20 people

Issue date: 2008-10-19 date of expiration: 2009-6-19

Working area: Show seat: Do not be restricted

Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted to work fixed number of year: Do not be restricted

Age requirement: 18 years old - requirement of 35 years old of sexual distinction: Do not be restricted

Position description:
" manpower resource ministry " hire " 136-8725-2213 week manager "

1: The student holds two or more posts concurrently: The men and women is not restricted, servive routine of main and responsible hotel (integrated) salary that day settle accounts.

2: Include room princess young son: The men and women is not restricted, record of formal schooling of high school above, 18-32 year old, basically provide entertainment for the guest in hotel recreation city, drink, sing, recreational, chat wait for a service.

3: Travel accompanies: The men and women is not restricted, record of formal schooling of high school above, 18-35 year old, person of main a guest invited to a dinner party to help entertain the guest of honor travels, recreational, recreation, fitness,

4: Pluralistic public relations: The number is not restricted, record of formal schooling of above of junior high school, 18-32 year old, basically be VIP member / honored guest of advanced business affairs / illicit industry employer offers round-the-clock Hou, public relations of ” of type of baby-sitter of “ of class of whole heavenly body serves.

5: In-house and advanced security personnel: Be restricted the male, 18-38 year old, veteran or the person that have strong point is preferential.

Base salary of monthly pay = deduct a percentage from a sum of money fee bonus

Apply for a condition: Requirement thought avant-courier, dare to challenge high pay, 5 view are proper, have certain suiting ability, sexual distinction is not restricted, record of formal schooling is not restricted, age 18-38 year old, healthy, disposition is optimistic; The bag eats, welcome student and outstanding talent part-time job, pluralistic fee but that day settle accounts, both sides can be signed after interview employ (work contract) .
Apply for special railway line: ≪136-87252213>Week manager, holiday endlessly. Intended person ask direct phone to contact. Intended person make an appointment first please, close to see about.

Address: Taiyuan receives lustre area and city north road 35

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