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Customer service commissioner
Position type: Full-time pay pay: 1000 yuan / month

Branch of invite applications for a job: Number of invite applications for a job: 5 people

Issue date: 2008-10-16 date of expiration: 2009-1-16

Working area: Show seat: Do not be restricted

Requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted to work fixed number of year: Do not be restricted

Age requirement: Do not be restricted sexual requirement: Do not be restricted

The ability after register and be being landed examines the connection way that applies for this position; Please [begin to land] or [register freely]

Position description:
Position description
1, responsible client relation is safeguarded, fixed pay a return visit;
2, responsible business is safeguarded reach sell again, the announcement of the line on new product and sale;
3, report the work to the director regularly, responsible to direct director;

Other requirement:
1, record of formal schooling of specialized subject above;
2, have relevant work experience preferential;
3, the ability that good human relation processing, problem is solved and analyses;
4, extremely strong sense of responsibility, enthusiastic, be good at communicating;

Pay: Performance pay 800 deduct a percentage from a sum of money bonus salary of length of service full attendence award ≥1000 yuan

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