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Applicant has what psychology error

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Each applicant wants to find gratified flexibly the job. This not only depend on the individual's quality, also depend on the individual's ego is promoted

. In process of real to apply for a job, because a lot of applicant are certain reason, be immersed in error of a few psychology easily.
To apply for a job person the error that is immersed in easily basically has:
1. Error of exorbitant expectation psychology
A lot of tall record of formal schooling person when be being applied for, consider oneself is very tall, with a kind unrealistic tall expectation is worth state of mind to choose unit of invite applications for a job, these people with tall

Attitude will treat unit of invite applications for a job to recieve personnel, and ask a price of all over the sky, requirement high salary, gao Fuli. They can produce such psychology,

The reason has 2: It is right firstly if produce misunderstanding yearningly,whole society seeks gift, think expectation cost is higher, frame just can make a society greatly more popular talent; Its

The 2 evaluations that are the knowledge to oneself and ability moved toward above oneself extreme.
2. Go after error of tall welfare psychology
This kind of person regards only self-worth as the target with seeking tall welfare treatment, what what they pay close attention to when the choice applies for post is welfare pay namely,

Relative standard still also is welfare pay. Often look around consequently, choice, the welfare treatment that where sees is fooled high and go up, which

Welfare pay is low distain to be considered.
3. Covet enjoys psychological error
Below the concussion of market economy spring tide, a lot of person value senses produced twist, pay is asked for when their choose course of study tall, graph is enjoyed, be afraid of again eat

Bitter, aux would rather abandon oneself old major and “ finds new job ” . This kind of person is the unit of choose and employ persons that seeks satisfaction very hard and working station, impossible also

Make due success on its work station.
4. Error of overmeasure ability psychology
The person with a few record of formal schooling, title is not low and average ability enters this error the most easily, he (she) often think by oneself record of formal schooling and title can be carried

Choose unit of choose and employ persons one time, always feel oneself should pursue the job of post of higher administrative levels, find oneself is good, and if unit of invite applications for a job is right,its are made farther

Test, criterion “ important matter is done do not come, bagatelle does bad ” . This is him (she) people common characteristic, investigate its reason, the most substaintial also be only

: Overestimate oneself ability. Everybody must have the opinion of appropriate to him ability level, dare to face up to oneself inadequacy especially
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