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Wu Gongbing

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Full name: Wu Gongbing sexual distinction: Male
Nation: Birth date of the Han nationality: On Feburary 28, 1987
Id: 140522198702****** marital status: Maiden
Height: 175cm weight: 60kg
Census register: Shanxi saves county of Jincheng city in relief city to show seat: Shanxi saves Taiyuan city to receive lustre area
Graduate school: Beijing makes university one by one: Specialized subject
Professional title: Computer science and applied graduation a particular year: 2007
Working fixed number of year: Title:

Education / groom
In Feburary 2006 - Beijing University is green in July 2006 specialized subject of engineer of network of Hua Yuan center of bird APTECH Beijing

Working experience
▌ Chengdu east agency of Shanxi of limited company of letter science and technology in March 2007 - in October 2008
Company property: Category of private enterprise industry: The computer
Hold the position of position: Computer industry (IT) kind - the system is compositive / technical support
Working description: Hold the position of network framework and system compositive engineer, manage and safeguard experience what have rich UNIX operating system and INFORMIX database
Leave one's post reason: Often be away on official business outer, eat unaccustomed

Skill special skill
The gift of tongues:
Computer capacity:
Skill special skill:

Intent of to apply for a job
Type of to apply for a job: Full-time
Hope position: Computer industry (IT) kind - test engineer
Computer industry (IT) kind - the system is compositive / technical support
Computer industry (IT) kind - network manager

Position name: Check; of engineer; compositive engineer
Hope industry: The computer
Hope area: Shanxi visits town of Jincheng city Jincheng
Salary requirement: 1300 yuan / the month does not need to provide housing
Take office time: Can arrive at any time hillock

Interview record

Other data
Ego evaluation:
Develop way: The system is compositive engineer

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