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Full name: Li Gang sexual distinction: Male
Nation: Birth date of the Han nationality: On June 19, 1986
Id: 610431198606****** marital status: Maiden
Height: 170cm weight: 60kg
Census register: Shanxi saves area of Taiyuan city pointed lawn to show seat: Shanxi visits area of Taiyuan city pointed lawn
Graduate school: Beijing University learns record of formal schooling in: Undergraduate course
Professional title: A particular year of finish school of mechanical electron engineering: 2009
Working fixed number of year: Title of a year of less than: Other

Education / groom
In September 2005 - undergraduate course of major of project of electron of machinery of university of the north in July 2009

Working experience

Skill special skill
The gift of tongues: English is general; mandarin standard
Computer capacity: Skill of primary programmer; can use letter adroitly C language writes main program.
Skill special skill: Can apply C language adroitly to write main program.
Can use CAD picture adroitly; Can apply MATLAB adroitly to undertake algorithm is emulated. Can apply Word adroitly, excel, the office software such as Powerpoint; Preliminary control the fundamental application of Pro/ENGINEER.
Those who had finished memory is patulous, the experiment such as LED number monitor

Intent of to apply for a job
Type of to apply for a job: Full-time
Hope position: Mechanical (report) / appearance kind - mechanical design and make
Motivation of the sources of energy kind - irrigation works, water and electricity

Position name: Engineer of communication of; of engineer of electric power of mechanical engineer;
Hope industry: The computer
Hope area:
Salary requirement: 2000 yuan / month but the face discusses; not to need to provide housing
Take office time: Inside a year

Interview record

Other data
Ego evaluation: Rural life casting my honest, honest, kind-hearted disposition, fostered me to not be afraid of difficult setback, emulative struggling spirit. This year's undergraduate course is graduate, plasticity is extremely strong, have on one hand on the study ability of beautiful, can be in short-term inside master new knowledge and be familiar with working station, also raise the professional accomplishment of each respect in effort on the other hand, longing is made from forefront, while for the enterprise creation sees the value that must see, the development that also is oneself lays next solid foundations.
Develop way: The hope can be made from basic level, the company can give certain development the space

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