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Fan Lanfeng

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Full name: Fan Lanfeng sexual distinction: Male
Nation: Birth date of the Han nationality: On October 1, 1984
Id: 141127198410****** marital status: Maiden
Height: 170cm weight: 60kg
Census register: Shanxi saves county of haze of Lv bridge city to show seat: Shanxi visits area of Taiyuan city small shop
Graduate school: Via trade school record of formal schooling: Technical secondary school
Professional title: A particular year of market sale graduation: 2005
Working fixed number of year: Title:

Education / groom

Working experience

Skill special skill
The gift of tongues:
Computer capacity:
Skill special skill:

Intent of to apply for a job
Type of to apply for a job: Part-time job
Hope position: Market sale / public relations kind

Position name: ; of KTV; bar enlighten. . . . Go completely
Hope industry: Travel / hotel / meal serves
Hope area: Shanxi visits Taiyuan town
Salary requirement: 3000 yuan / month but the face discusses; not to need to provide housing
Take office time: Can arrive at any time hillock

Interview record

Other data
Ego evaluation: Sexual name: Fan Lanfeng sexual distinction: Male age: 23 nations: Chinese native place: Person of county of Shanxi province haze was born on October 1, 1984 record of formal schooling: In ability is professional: Market sale politics despise: Member

Main strong point:

&Organization, study, harmonious capability is strong, have the working experience of old and different age, different job.

& is good at communicating, adaptability is strong.

& can drive small-sized car (C1)

&2002 year change in Heibei announce had become arms, ever had obtained “ during be a soldier the honor such as ” of round commend of outstanding soldier ”“ .

Working resume:

&2002 year in December ~ in December 2004, enrollment level. (Motorization infantry)

In December 2002 enrollment ~ 2003 is recruit training phase, in September 2003 ~ was on duty in group of movement of Beijing military sports in June 2004. Be judged to be “ outstanding soldier and round commend ” by round leader. The practice of antagonism of true soldier actual combat that entered 04—06” of “ north sword in June 2004 (in Inner Mongolia Zhu Rihe) , during this more exercised a volition, and hard-working spirit, by company commend.

&2004 year in December ~ in August 2005, ever had worked in service line of business, also had made security.

&2005 year in 6 flavour fast to now industrial limited company will work in August (of biscuit and cake make) many working experience and personnel administration were acquired during the job. Ever obtained “2007 in 6 flavour fast year technology of ”“ of outstanding and advanced worker compares connecting with the boxing skill the first ”“2008 year the technology compares connecting with the boxing skill the first ” .
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