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Open gym, sit 4 years embrace 3 million

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His scrape together borrows 18 thousand yuan to begin to do poineering work, 4 years short, sit have more than yuan of 300 capital fund. Shang Xingwang, the person that a common undergraduate does poineering work, after graduating two years, establish 4 fitness club early or late, finished from 0 to asset the about a hundred primitive accumulation of 10 thousand. He says, oneself still have farther desire, predict inside 3 years the gymnastical club oneself expands 8 reach 10.

  Original intention: Reduce parental burden

Shang Xingwang says, oneself decide to do poineering work that year, going up in Chengdu sports institute big 2. 2003, just went up big 2, shang Xingwang won countrywide championship contest strong and handsome hold the contest the 4th, have good fortune went to a few big fitness clubs of countrywide, he says frankly, this time of future that also decided oneself. Answer school hind, he resolutely the match career that abandons continueing to develop gold, use after school time to go to all sorts of grooming knowledge of orgnaization study management, become gymnastical coach to the club. Came down in January full, in one's hand salary, shang Xingwang writes down clearly up to now: 130 yuan. “ does not pass, this paragraph of experience is me however later do poineering work accumulated many experience ” .

“ actually, because the family is difficult,be at first, want to reduce bit of burden for parents. The home of ” Shang Xingwang is in Shandong's outlying rural area, and strong and handsome this group, eating side is quite exquisite, a month comes down to want to cost 3000 yuan at least, this not wealthy to him family, it is a heavy burden undoubtedly.

Start: 4 months earned 6 times

“ first time comes out alone to hit go all out, the difficult it is a long story that meantime encounters, rustier is him at that time still is a student. ” says to work, shang Xingwang takes out 18 thousand yuan of the stake that the match acquires and family pool, the first fitness that begins to found him is met.

On November 2, 2003, those who pass period of time after preparing, the first fitness of Shang Xingwang can be in Ximen Kaizhang, area only 97 square metre. Recumbent the person arteries and veins that falls when the knot when the coach, in meeting place almost all gymnastical equipment are tick and come, this goes up in certain level, for Shang Xingwang managing the expenditure with not small brushstroke. After 4 months, somebody is bought at high price, bade throws 6 times above more than, shang Xingwang feels this Zhang returns be to one's profit, and long-term consideration, prospective development also cannot suit on dimensions, very reluctantly give up what one favours sold store. This comes, paid off all equipment tick not only more than, small still earned brushstroke.

  Develop: The club opens bigger more
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