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Undergraduate poineering garden gives aid to do poineering work independently

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First undergraduate poineering garden was in Hangzhou recently Hangzhou city new and high developing zone hangs out his shingle hold water. Local government expresses, the hope does poineering work this to be able to be become field give aid to and breed ambition of undergraduate put to good use, show talent do poineering work Elysian.

Poineering garden is located in Hangzhou area of city bank river, outfit the standard factory building that has 31 thousand square metre and the office building of research and development of 12 thousand square metre, at present already poineering enterprise of many 20 undergraduate is entered halt, involve environmental protection, medicine and IT kind wait for many industries.

To encourage and attract college graduate, local government came on stage technically still " Hangzhou is new and high developing zone (bank river) college graduate does poineering work aid financially capital to implement measure (try out) " , do poineering work for college graduate provide a help. Should have full-time only record of formal schooling of above of average college three-year institution of higher learning, and in graduation with oneself name is in inside two years new and high division establishs enterprise, run an activity what enlist a company directly daily, bank river area government the basis condition, plan special fund, undertake giving aid to to applicant and enterprise. " method " ask at the same time, the enterprise that the applicant establishs basically must be engaged in achievement of science and technology changing or project of research and development, or be engaged in culture originality category looking, and be recorded without undesirable credence before this and violate act. If poineering project of the applicant has feasibility, obtain 20 thousand yuan likely in the beginning of do poineering work to be aided financially to 100 thousand yuan of free. The college graduate that enters garden starts a business oneself, the field of hire is in of less than of 50 square metre, local government will execute sum allowance to chummage inside two years. In addition, enterprise of the undergraduate inside garden still will enjoy industrial and commercial registration book to collect fees the multinomial privilege such as privilege of allowance, taxation.

Current, into the enterprise of garden, already 15 projects obtained a government 790 thousand yuan free is aided financially.

As we have learned, bank the orgnaization that river area government still will establish to manage undergraduate poineering garden technically recently, so that better guiding helps an undergraduate,do poineering work. The undergraduate that plans to build to perfect does poineering work service system, offer for college graduate do poineering work coach, the talent is recommended, wealth tax seeks advice, law seeks advice, the market is developed and all-around form a complete set such as property service serves.

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