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Luo Shuimu: Small brush shoemaker to found Taiwan bibcock enterprise

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CFP picture from Taiwan street an ordinary small vendor's stand that brush a shoe, arrive year of turnover money of more than 3 billion yuan of new stations (close about 6. 800 million yuan of RMBs) ” of “ bibcock enterprise, poineering experience of Luo Shuimu is regarded as “ miracle ” all the time. Hard dangerous and difficult road theres is no lack of on poineering road, total heart of collect water wood throws the credit that won a customer, consequently “ of can accident ground turns round ” of heaven and earth.

   “ is brushed 3 times, shine 3 days ”

Go up century a day of morning of 50 time, be ” of height of “ going to work, old restaurant of ” of Dong Yunge of 2 paragraphs of “ already formed way of Taipei city Yan Ping north downstairs ” of dragon of person of a “ , the office worker that in “ finance ” of a street works, queueing up to await ” of A Shouzi of fame canorous “ to brush a shoe, although ” of “ A Shouzi brushs the price of a pair of shoes,compare eat prandial expensive still. That time that does not have leather shoes is worn in a lot of people, the 5 stars class of top of pyramid of “ of the it may be said that brush a shoe serves ” .

In the foremost end of ” of “ person dragon, the ” of “ A Shouzi with agile skill is taking a pig to wool is brushed and brush cloth, rapid ground gives the oil on the guest's leather shoes, polished, burnish, similar program holds to cursorily 3 rounds none, just calculate success.

” of “ A Shouzi brushs a shoe near booth, the booth that brush a shoe, brush shoemaker bristly, but want to find “ to be brushed 3 times, shine 3 days the master brushing a shoe of ” , besides ” of “ A Shouzi, can saying is “ does not have semicolon ” , “ brushs a shoe to look for the catchword spread fast of A thin ” .

In those days division of this the name that brush a shoe, it is nowadays the author of ” of “ A thin leather shoes holds one of leader brands of Taiwan shoemaking course of study concurrently president Luo Shuimu. He 73 years old is laughing at memory this year: I grow when “ is young thin and small, weight is less than 50 kilograms, neighbor calls me ‘ A thin ' , already kind apt. ”

  Gambler return to the fold

Do not see Luo Shuimu in those days a pair of emaciated about, he when the teenager is in betting can be to have manner very much on the desk, say to go up “ all is perfectness ” . Nevertheless, bet art again excellent not as brillant as banker also, in 23 years old before, classics of all previous of gambling house of Ceng Yin discrepancy removes Luo Shuimu twice to fall greatly greatly: Because first time is in debt from home town appropriate orchid “ runs road ” goes to Taipei; The 2nd, good not easy classics the “ that battalion rises cuts son face to spread out ” was defeated by a with nothing left.
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