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"Grid inn girl " earn more than 20000 one year

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The expert suggests to do poineering work to ” accumulates experience and had used poineering financing policy according to “ a bit

Although have preparation early, but the graduate of poineering success is very few still.

According to statistic, in the graduate that Shenyang admitted last year, only 0.6% poineering successes.

The shortly of graduate finish school this year, the data that the reporter investigates and compared last year still not tower above is very much.

Those who want to do poineering work is much but do not know to do what

The reporter visited 3 colleges yesterday 53 undergraduates, among them 26 people are 2008 graduate.

Face the life program after oneself graduate, student and accurate graduate people ideal appeared difference: In suffer 27 when visit to be in school undergraduate, high pay job can be found according to his major after 17 people hope to graduate, 10 people express not to value his major, may turn to do poineering work all right; In suffer 26 when visit in 2008 graduate, “ of great majority hope finds a job to go ” , the lot after only 4 people make clear graduation in them works about.

Although graduation plans to differ, but the query that apiration ” does poineering work after facing “ to graduate, these undergraduates all state “ has thought ” , but “ is engaged in what industry ” , include 2008 graduate inside most student states “ is bad to say ” however.

Xiaoli of some college graduate expresses Shenyang near 3 good markets, what oneself learn is information project major, graduation hind wants to seek a steady job, still plan to open studio of head of one home appliance in 3 good markets, but look at present this poineering plan may go broke, the biggest difficult problem is capital problem, it is an operation next, “ does not know to should go which do procedure, how to calculate profit, how is promotion managed, graduation time is too close still, do poineering work to have not enough time at all now. ”

 Of 3% get poineering success of the person that visit

In 53 students of investigation, had had 16 people start already one by one simply, among them 7 people are to reading an undergraduate, 9 people are 2008 graduate, their majority is during read the attempt does poineering work, only at present 2 people are maintaining “ business ” , occupy 3% .

Graduate Xiaoshang weighs college of Ou Mou of aunt of Shenyang city emperor, oneself are in big 3 when once had done ” of “ dress business, majority of channel of replenish onr's stock is Shenyang costume terminal market, tie-in necklet is to be in home town Hangzhou there go up, but did period of time to stop, “ cannot say be out of pocket, but earn is little. ”

And belong to with the graduate Xiaochen of school with her still be in at present the person of deal. She is trade on the net, management breed is errant, give priority to with ” of “ best selling goods, she sells “ heighten insole ” now, she is in charge of a phone coordinating only, goods is done by father in the home, be taken with what the city trades, different ground express does sth for sb by father.
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