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She spells next ten million family property with a year of time

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She ever was action is far a common farmhouse daughter, marital career is very successful, she can be in completely east the life that the villatic area of outskirt all enjoys ” of Mrs “ rich, but she chose to do poineering work difficultly however, one year time spells next ten million family property. Liu Weigong's successful experience tells us: Arrive from dicker multimillionaire, lay between a paper only sometimes, should search only was opposite the method puts into practice, when having experience setback that is tough, everything is possible.

The husband: You are mad, think God?

Graduation of Liu Weigong junior high school begins deal. She is in action is far had opened tailer's shop, had sold dress, cosmetic. 2001, she went to Yantai along with marital Pan Hong Chenglai. At that time, marital career career, in east outskirt bought luxurious villa. Just was born as a result of the daughter before long, add pair of Yantai utterly ignorant, full a year of time, she did not do what thing, but brain also does not have at a loose end momently. An accidental opportunity, she goes along with the husband northeast visits her family. A kin fried dough twist that makes cooked wheaten food sells particularly well, after Liu Weigong has been tasted, feel such nevertheless however, oneself can be done more deliciously than this for certain. People has it basically is graph “ sanitation, convenient ” , fried dough twist is originally sell on the ave, people cannot see its process that make is not at ease, if put it into brand shop, let a client can see whole treatment process from shopwindow, affirmation is welcome.

Return Yantai she begins to work. She asks for advice to noodle master, oneself experiment repeatedly, flavour already perfectly, but she feels not quite ideal still, the decision goes to Beijing searching an expert to study a recipe.

When the issue that the husband discovers to she is being done, his the first reaction is: Mad ” of this woman “ ! Putting well ” of Mrs “ rich is undeserved, go scamper fried dough twist, don't this follow the booth that place the ground same? Earn this bit of penny to still lose face not quite of lose face! But Liu Weigong or ground of honor permits no turning back consult an expert into Beijing, make choice of the most satisfactory recipe.

Had a recipe, how does store open? How can you sell go out? How to interlink? How to join in? The woman that a junior high school graduates looked for the book of many management respects to look to the bookshop, study from book famous Chinese meal of Kendeji, Mcdonald's and home interlinks the management means of inn. The man is right her idea sniff: Does “ join in? You still think God! ”

Practice discharged cue that day

March 2004, objecting strongly of the husband and home person falling, the Liu Weigong with miserable bellyful is on the Lai hill market near Yantai university, open the store of the first fried dough twist that gave to condensing her to dream, name “ great auspicious ” .
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