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Poineering group of tarry of 10 big unexpected tricky move

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Want on the concept above all correct. Should be certain organization can healthy progress continues, wanting to fail at the beginning, do not use classic theory to be able to be sufferred from in all only especially, cannot in all the banquet that pleasant, the world did not come loose, drop one's benefactor as soon as his help is not required thought that will control oneself, in brain far from due this kind of idea, the final result that itself of this kind of idea is failure is buried laid a seed, resemble just beginning to learn like riding a bicycle, before discovery there is one obstacle among the driveway, then you do not want to touch more on stone, still touch finally unluckily went up. Because your energy is centered at failing, you fail necessarily.

Next, communicate continually. Begin to want to communicate, encounter a problem to also want to communicate, when solving a problem, also want to communicate, when having contradiction, should communicate more, consider the business that advantageous organization expands more. Have different view, do not argue in open circumstance, do not reveal contradiction to subordinate.

The 3rd, discover Lilliputian exploit an advantage, determined discharge. Lead the contradiction between, do not let subordinate comment on, will solve.

When if both sides is communicated,having difficulty, seek foreign power actively, especially the good friend that both sides has believed will solve a bell, but do not show too apparent trace. The goal that if discover the Lilliputian in the organization will use the contradictory difference between the leader,achieves an individual and harm constituent interest, that none hesitant determined discharge, no matter he is what person.

The 4th, consider sth as it stands. When bilateral contradiction conflict arrives when the contradiction of two a group of people of same interest, the debate should halt when outside force is insoluble also, stop human affairs wave motion, will solve a problem with respect to the problem, do not discuss with respect to the person.

The 5th, change kind of environment to change state of mind. Both sides should go out outing, beguilement, do not pester in contradiction, bilateral after all it is David and Jonathan together, it is kin and affinity after all, it is the world's closest relationship, everybody casts aside start working to make the contradiction on problem and career, went out to discuss life topic more, recreational topic, see the increase a few weaker.

The 6th, ugly word says advanced area. Achieve the word respecting that says this when course of study at first, this written pledge that stand must stand. The basiccest duty the right says clear and lucid, especially equity, interest allocation should say to be clear about more, include to add endowment, enlarge, financing, remove endowment, human affairs arrangement, disband etc.

The 7th, coordinate in time stand according to. Everything helps somebody attain his aim impossibly in original plan, the thing changes likely at any time, in cooperative operation process, it is clear to encounter new issue new contradiction to say first certainly establish next words and expressions to act again, must not work to say again first, because be after its happening forward oneself advantageous one party consideration. Work to say again first, look be like fast, bury the seed of next disaster actually, in the future is not the problem of speed speed, however organization of like a rising wind and scudding clouds, industry overturns the germ of sexual motion.
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