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To apply for a job: So successful autograph makes an appointment with them

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  Practice experience became a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success

Julia(Shandong university manages major of academic manpower resource)

The autograph briefs an unit: Ministry of resource of manpower of Jinan Wo Erma

Monthly pay: 1200 yuan or so

By March, after passing interview twice, I and this famous foreign enterprise signed obtain employment agreement. Although early know the other side is already fixed want me, the name that can leave oneself when the autograph that momently, still be a little excited in the heart.

What the other side opens the treatment that give to me and do not imagine like me is so tall, 1200 multivariate monthly pay are more average than Jinan the level is a few higher. But I special the development perspective that values oneself, can enter the whole world the Woerma of 500 strong first places has very great temptation to me of course. Still have, after going to work, take firewood to groom then half an year, attach most importance to especially for the student that this just left school yard to us should.

Understand according to me, company altogether wanted many 10 this year's graduates, the schoolgirl took an in part. Serve as a among them, I am final by employ should be very lucky. Of course, I feel my advantage is conscientious, specific saying is to carry out experience to be abounded quite, from big 2 begin me to use cold summer vacation to do all sorts of part-time jobs related to major, these practice abounded my experience on one hand, fostered my sense of responsibility on the other hand. Wo Erma values the sense of responsibility of employee very much, I think this also is me by the reason of employ.

  Leave home to be mixed nearly professional be geared to the needs of the job with respect to OK

Xiaowang (institute of Shandong university control is measured accuse technology and instrument major)

The autograph briefs an unit: Luoyang some academy

Monthly pay: 1700 yuan (before the first year of duty)

On March 12, I attended the invite applications for a job that hill holds greatly to meet, to Luoyang an academy is cast sent resume. The following day, I was made an appointment with with respect to as successful as this unit autograph.

My native place is river of Henan the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, parents hopes I look for to leave home the unit of close a bit, at the same time the job also should be stabilized relatively a few. I very understand them, also very approve of their idea. I sign this agreement unit, from us the home has the leg of 45 hours only, OK on the weekend very come home conveniently visit father and mother, of course, the enterprise property of the unit, add professional be geared to the needs of the job, the to apply for a job that according with me is good.
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