"Firewood " affection: Does wages rise 18% ? !

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National statistic bureau yesterday (28 days) issuance data shows, this year first half of the year, average wage is worker of on guard of countrywide town unit 12964 yuan (average monthly wages is 2160 yuan of) , than last year the corresponding period grows 18.0% .

In the consumptive words condition that goes up in prices general, the wages of 18% rises it is an interest good news undoubtedly. And if put such data and additionally two data,compare together, more showed the hard-earned of 18% . It is the number that comes from national statistic bureau likewise

According to, first half of the year our country gross domestic product thirteen thousand and sixty-one billion nine hundred million yuan, grow 10.4% compared to the same period; The dweller consumes the price (CPI) total level rises compared to the same period 7.9% . We always complain wages rises previously do not run to cross CPI, than crossing GDP, now, authoritative data tells people, wages rises after exceeding far both, go up with CPI especially a photograph comparing, actually tower above double superabundant.

However, do not say this statistic data is how to be gotten after all first, be experienced actually from the dweller only and character, the wages of 18% rises it seems that inaccessible although within sight. Very simple, if salary has really so big go up, so prices rises brings life pressure is completely OK by put an end to at aeriform. But the fact is not apparently such, global inflation not only make life of low income group hard, even if is medium income family, also facing the pressure that consumptive expenses increases stage by stage likewise.

Still be with the data of statistical bureau exemple, first half of the year, town dweller average per capita can control income 8065 yuan, grow 14.4% compared to the same period. Deduct price element, grow 6.5% actually only, far under last year the actual amplitude of 14.2% . That is to say, dweller income is added actually fast had appeared first half of the year fall after a rise, and this kind of fall after a rise, the consumptive sex defray that brings about a dweller directly is added fast drop, affect consumptive ability of the dweller then.

Why is intuitionistic life experienced very as big as authoritative data statistic contrast? Analyse slightly can discover, this 18% those who say is worker of town unit on guard of average wage go up, do not include employee of peasant worker worker, SOHO, private enterprise to wait of course, and the rock-bottom position that the great majority just of these philtrum distributes a system at the society, their itself pay is very low, and go up not big also. Consequently, to this part in low income group, the worker is average of salary go up again tall, with oneself have nothing to do.

Mainer reason is of 18% go up those who point to is average wage. It is certain to do not deny the worker pay this year to have than in former years really rise, but the overall growth of salary also cannot be masked between different area, disparate industry and different company, income allocates the fact of difference escalate. With good-paying group salary rise will pull those who move whole worker pay to go up, since is right in of low income group unjust, also go against policy of next macroscopical adjusting control make.
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