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Will begin on March 1 this year, the dot is asked for to be increased by 1600 yuan since duty reach 2000 yuan, however, after 4 many months, tone rises on ask for a dot to be public opinion attention again. Finance and economics of countrywide National People's Congress appoint write in a report: Glide considerably to prevent economy to appear, can develop finance policy to stabilize the action that consumes demand, the proposal rises further the place is collected since individual income tax, lower interest tax tax rate, raise dweller net. And Tsinghua university teachs Wei Jie to put forward, the dot is asked for to be moved to 5000 yuan of ability since duty reasonable.

Remove the cry recrudesce that asks for the attune on the dot, do not make a person accident. Since this year, our country experienced scarce prices one round to rise, according to the data statistic of national statistic bureau, our country CPI rises on average compared to the same period first half of the year amount to 7.9% . Prices soars under, dweller income growth is lack of power, after countrywide town dweller can control income to deduct price element first quarter, real growth is 3.4% , fall after a rise 13.2 percent. And in March the material benefit that the attune on the dot collects to be brought to the people since duty, be offsetted by CPI. And meanwhile, countrywide revenue income is compared first half of the year go up growth of year of the corresponding period 30.5% , among them individual income tax finishs 213.5 billion yuan, grow compared to the same period achieve 27.3% .

On one hand the people's pouch by CPI nibble, on one hand the power that finance income retains fast growth, below this kind of circumstances, the “ that reduce tax still abounds civilian ” , let the difficult when chatelaine of a tighten goes to government and people in all, become social expectation naturally. Finance and economics of National People's Congress of whole nation of no less than appoint report place points out, add in global economy fast put delay, the condition with depressed ” needs to fall outside “ , must stimulate civilian consumption in order to reduce tax, expand inside need, in order to maintain economic boom. Carry the place is collected since tall duty, admittedly governmental taxation can decrease somewhat, but brings long-term society benefit wants Yuan Chao taxation of that part reductive.

Accordingly, readjust the dot is asked for to be able to pay all implementation as soon as possible since duty, and rise considering prices, and before two what the dot adjusts range is ask for to contend for since duty, this case ask for a dot to adjust, can increase scope, achieve Shu further the effect that solution civilian strands.

Of course, carry in the appeal the place is collected since tall duty while, returning those who need a consideration is, we can establish a mechanism, make is bit of as the change of economic society self-correcting asked for since duty?
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