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Undergraduate of in former years is when to apply for a job, ever used “ for a time the method of ” of 0 firewood to apply for a job will attract invite applications for a job square “ eyeball ” , but this kind of phenomenon already changed greatly this year. Yesterday, the reporter understands from culmination manpower, sampling investigation shows the obtain employment state that in manpower of near future culmination 300 colleges graduate has 5 colleges such as institute of institute of technology of contemporary to this city profession, technology of Tianjin project profession: Be not worth the student union of 2% to be in the first time 0 firewood of “ of the choice when obtain employment ” of to apply for a job.

The Liu Feng Jing's minister that occupies ministry of culmination manpower college introduces, the sampling investigation that makes in the near future shows, opposite last year the firewood of the this year's graduates proposes a toast state, this year the “ firewood affection of Tianjin city undergraduate ” is pretty good, appear give small bullish to go situation. And, present undergraduate is in the first time also showed when to apply for a job different before mix calmly sensible, very rational to salary requirement, can accept the student of 0 salary obtain employment, less than 2% . And be not worth in this still is in the student of 2% give priority to with nonlocal source of student, one basically be foreign land of base oneself upon transfers. More students express, when to apply for a job oneself although won't ask a price of all over the sky, but basic pay pay still wants to assure, on one hand him attend school has cost for years, and the in more or less also representing a person to be in an enterprise value in pay of pay of an unit work.

To the problem of 0 salary obtain employment, the reporter understands in interview, a lot of normal big companies to “ the to apply for a job of ” of 0 firewood to apply for a job person do not be interested. This city some harbor endowment manpower resource director Miss Liu of food treatment company tells a reporter, above all, 0 firewood of “ propose a toast ” obtain employment, do not accord with " labor contract law " relevant provision, the company won't be done offend the thing of labor law. Next, they are not valued to free labor, they are invite applications for a job accords with what post asks to have experience stuff, won't because of to apply for a job person firewood fulfil demand is low with respect to employ he. 0 firewood of “ propose a toast ” obtain employment, in this city in normal company, do not have the market for certain. Additional, 0 firewood of “ propose a toast ” to apply for a job, still lack self-confidence and the capacity that competency works from the person that on the other hand report gives to apply for a job.

Bureau of town work safeguard expresses clearly about chief, according to labor law relevant provision, even if in probation, wanted both sides to sign labor contract only, working relationship has held water. Unit of choose and employ persons must pay laborer salary, salary standard cannot the minimum wage standard under this city. If servantchoose a person for a job unit with “ 0 firewood propose a toast the means of ” obtain employment, will use free labour force, attribute illegal action. Although employ is bilateral,with respect to “ fulfil ” obtain employment reached 0 firewood to agree, the practice of the enterprise still attributes illegal action.
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