Korea: 61% salary of female of course of study of person of the same trade is ma

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A report of cite Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development will say bureau of Korea country statistic on June 30, up to 2005, 61% what be equivalent to male worker only with the average wage of worker of industry Korea woman.

The report says, korea is the country with the biggest difference of income of wage of this couple in organizing a member.

Bureau of Korea country statistic analysed the main reason that creates this one difference: In Korea, more women work temporarily only. Additional, because want to attend the child, it is better to hold firewood to propose a toast the Korea female of working station is opposite less. According to statistic, the scale that Korea male was engaged in working temporarily last year is 37% , and the scale that the female is engaged in working temporarily is as high as 58% . Casual is made point to suffer employ time little at 1 year.

Additional, the scale of the Korea male that economic activity still undertakes after 30 years old is 80% to 90% , and the scale of the person that many years old of 30 female undertakes economic activity has 50% only.

According to the report that organizes via closing, japan is gap of bisexual wage income the 2nd big country, the average wage of Japanese woman worker is the male 69% of average wage.

Difference of bisexual wage income is the least is New Zealand, average wage is equivalent to the female 91% male, the platoon is in after New Zealand is France and Poland, two countries men and women is average salary differs 11% .

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