Beijing accumulation fund capture puts scale to be moved to 12%

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Capture puts housing accumulation fund move to 12% on scale, worker outpatient service submits an expense account case pay a line to reduce it is 1800 yuan, the 470 thousand personnel do not have course of study that ensures without medical treatment brings into cure of a serious illness to protect, gave traffic accident to must handle …… to rise from today quickly, a batch of new code with citizen be closely bound up take your daily life formally.

   Housing: Accumulation fund capture is put on tone is 12%

Capture puts Beijing housing accumulation fund scale from this 8% before, unified adjust for 12% , lunar capture puts worker housing accumulation fund frontal upper limit is adjusted it is 2392 yuan, in principle does not allow to break through capture to put upper limit. This adjusts the housing that improved broad worker to pay ability, more in be helpful for rising, family of low income worker solves a worker the ability of basic housing problem.

With “ two be restricted room ” every square metre 6000 yuan, income is pressed 2007 Beijing duty all salary (3322 yuan / month) computation, family of husband and wife both at work year the proportion that accumulation fund of housing of average accumulative total holds total of housing of 90 square metre is OK by 2.36% rise 3.54% . If apply for loan of housing accumulation fund, head pay 20% , loan 430 thousand yuan, fixed number of year 20 years, capture puts scale by 8% rise 12% hind, the housing accumulation fund that every months of capture puts family of husband and wife both at work takes a month all the scale of reimbursement specified amount is OK by 37% rise 55% .

Card of house property of register effectiveness prep above

Additional, our country " the building registers way " also will carry out at rising today, house property card is the exclusive and legal evidence of the building no longer, the evidence of register card of house property of effectiveness general prep above. According to new rule, henceforth, building right belongs to the certificate, proof that register and building register account abhorrent, divide outside evidence proves building register has a mistake truly, it is with building register accurate.

Social security: Beijing takes the lead in realizing cure of the whole people to protect

Whole town also can attend cure of a serious illness to protect without dweller of course of study inside age of work of 470 thousand town, inside year of insurance of a medical treatment highest and OK submit an expense account 70 thousand yuan. Among them, low protect, be badly off personnel ginseng protects allowance and heavy damage to buy sheet by the government. The executive mark of this one system is worn Beijing everybody will enjoy cure to protect, those who realize medical treatment to guarantee a system is complete enclothe.

The worker that joins basic medical service to protect outpatient service submits an expense account case pay a line to drop 2000 yuan before from this 1800 yuan, and precious and medical bad news material, artificial organ submit an expense account the forehead is spent also rise somewhat. In addition, standard of worker minimum wage, low protect the social security standard such as the line to all go up somewhat tone.
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